Trick or Treat

It’s my Halloween treat; bright and shiny, thick red blood.

Her blood. Collected inside, flowing into the cup which is full nearly to the top.

She’s saved especially for me. Fulfilling a promise made weeks prior in Berlin; the idea born as she held me in her lap after an intense scene of pain and connection. She’d delighted at my almost giddy excitement at the prospect of a full mooncup to devour.

Lien had recorded my verbalised desire to drink it, playing it back to me later and watching me squirm. Hiding my face as I recognised my voice but couldn’t recall the exact moment; lost in a hotness blur.

She has the power and the trust to push me. She gives me more than she thinks I can take, and then adds a little extra, delivered with her own special brand of sadistic glee. I take more just to see her face light up. The result is an almost inebriated state of post-beating bliss, with vulnerable raw truth spilling from my lips.

In return for my present, puppy’s going to do a trick, hungrily lapping it up like a good girl. The exchange is to be captured on film by Sergeant, who joins us in the bathroom armed with the camera and a look of mystification at my exuberant enthusiasm.

My panting wanton lust for her blood is met with bemused surprise from them both, despite having seen my reaction to a teaser tipped into my mouth in the shower the night before. It was a tiny sample of the generous portion now being presented to me. It had been just enough to whet my appetite, to remind me how I hunger for it.

I lay back in the bath, a majority of my Halloween costume discarded; naked with only the horns remaining. Begging paws and eager open mouth demonstrate my longing. I want it.

Are you ready pup? Do you want it? Do you?” I nod furiously, my excitement evident. Our laughter echoing off the walls of the bathroom as they lovingly mock my enthusiasm for such a deviant act.

She stands over me, taunting me, making me beg repeatedly, paws raised, lips wide open in anticipation.

Here’s your blood…”

The first drop hits my tongue, a dark metallic rich taste. It’s thick, coating the inside of my mouth. I immediately start to make the noises of an insatiable animal feasting on the most delicious of delicacies.

She continues to pour a steady stream. It spatters over my lips, a single drop falling onto my shoulder. It’s warm from the heat of her body, fresh and delicious.

I am consumed by a blood lust, rubbing the blood across my face and licking my fingers, making noises of yummy satisfaction. Almost frenzied I can’t get enough, the smell, like concentrated woman, the iron taste, the way it slicks across my skin. I want to bathe in it.

She offers me the mooncup. I grab it from her like a good pup and desperately try to extract every last drop. Alternating between licking my fingers and sucking on the plastic cup for any remaining droplets.

I’m aware of them speaking but don’t hear the words, they’re giggling at my fervour and calling me a vampire. I’m giddy, practically high, soaring from satisfying my blood fetishism.

Too soon it’s gone, save for the bloody smears across my skin, the coating on my mouth and teeth, the red remnants of her gift to me. I thank her, I thank them both, a huge bloody grin plastered across my filthy face.

She taunts me “It’s all over your face…filthy puppy, you need to clean yourself up!” but my attempts to clean myself just make it worse. I smear it across my skin until I look like an extra in a zombie movie, my chin caked in blood. A spoiled blood-lustful zombie, a filthy deviant good girl. My trick, my treat. My happy Halloween.


2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. You my dear deserve the brave blogger award of 2014 in my opinion because I reckon it took a bit of guts to write this up and then press the publish button. I know when I have posted period blood pieces and pictures I have always done so concerned that I will totally eck people out, which is not my intention.

    I saw you tweeting about writing a post where you hoped people would remember the ‘Your kink is not my kink but your kink is OK’ mantra and I am fairly sure it was this one you were talking about.

    I can’t imagine myself ever doing this with someone else’s blood but I actually find the way you write about it, and how it seems to give you such a massive head-rush and high fascinating but then I am one of those people who finds others peoples kinks and turns on very interesting, regardless of whether they turn me on or not.

    I do however have a growing ‘interest’ in my own period blood. I do like seeing it on my hands and fingers and on my skin and I have wiped it on my face but so far that has not progressed to consuming it and currently I can’t see that changing but if there is one thing I have learned about kink…. never say never.


  2. Molly, thank you, thank you so much for your comment on this. Mia was right in thinking you would like this post and I’m so grateful for the support of you both.

    Honestly, I knew period play wasn’t to everyone’s taste yet the range of responses I’ve received has been really surprising. It really is a hard limit for some, producing some seriously squicked out texts! It was never my intention to eck anyone out and I hope everyone can remember the YKIOK mantra, I’m not hurting anyone and I’m having lots of fun in the process.

    I have Pup to thank for my first experience with blood (, she embraces her femininity and monthly bleed in a way that changed my perception and helped me celebrate it. I think my obsession started there. Even I’m surprised with my hunger for it – a very primal desire. I hope you too continue to explore and you’re right, never say never indeed…. xxx

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