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Dark Star, The Thirty-Third Chapter – Rabbiting

My Big Dog stalks across the field, making ever tighter arcs around the rabbit limping away in a pathetic attempt to escape. He will catch her, my clever strong beast. His sharp teeth will finish the job he started on … Continue reading

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Dark Star, The Seventeenth Chapter – Training

“Daddy!” I shout down the hall, surprised by the knock on the front door. “Daddy! There’s someone here!” Bounding in and up to the new heavy oak door, Daddy barks at them, “Who’s there?” “Rex,” a timid voice comes from … Continue reading

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Here Puppy

His tying isn’t technical. It doesn’t need to be. It’s raw, primal passion, using his whole body to restrain me and the jute simply to hold me in place. Constantly moving, flowing with impeccable pace, reading me, building me. The … Continue reading

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They are the moments I crave. Rare, precious and divine. The bearers of hotness blurs, of fractured bliss without logical linear order, without analysis, without fear. Safety in the freefall. Letting go. They are not planned, cannot be forced, are … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat

It’s my Halloween treat; bright and shiny, thick red blood. Her blood. Collected inside, flowing into the cup which is full nearly to the top. She’s saved especially for me. Fulfilling a promise made weeks prior in Berlin; the idea … Continue reading

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