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Trick or Treat

It’s my Halloween treat; bright and shiny, thick red blood. Her blood. Collected inside, flowing into the cup which is full nearly to the top. She’s saved especially for me. Fulfilling a promise made weeks prior in Berlin; the idea … Continue reading

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My self-esteem takes on split personality when I become aware people that want to fuck me. I’m not referring to Dredon or other trusted lovers, their sexual energies and verbalised filthy intentions make me all of a quiver (if occasionally … Continue reading

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Aural Arousal

Words are magic their power over me is incomparable, they can be used to evoke emotion, arousal and, in the right hands, compliance. I love words. I also love the sounds of sex, from the breathless catches of early connection … Continue reading

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“On the ground I look to see, nothing there interests me, take a breath, head held high – be the unexpected” Emo-teen circa 1995 My previous post ‘This is not an invitation’ recounted my exploration of the admittedly rare and … Continue reading

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Punishment as Reward

Just at the time I began to explore the pleasure of pain, to develop my contradictory love-hate-want-need relationship with being hurt, my curiosity repeatedly fixated on a cropping, a more extreme ‘level up’ from the spankings I so loved. I … Continue reading

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