Dark Star, The Forty-Fifth Chapter – Bathing

I need to be careful with this one.

Careful and clever.

The last one made Daddy angry so we didn’t get to keep it anymore. Daddy loved him until he was all gone. I know it’s what the pet would have wanted, really, deep down. His body showed how much he liked it, hard in his boy parts and parting with a smile.

I didn’t get to explain that I wanted to keep him, just a little bit. I’m not allowed to think that so I don’t. I don’t think it and I never, ever say it. Even when I feel it. Even when it’s not fair that Daddy breaks my toys.

This time if I want to play I must get permission like a good girl. Or maybe I can make Daddy want to play too, so that I can. Daddy barely pays attention to the pets unless they’re bad or he’s teaching me a lesson. I get all of his loving and Daddy treats because I’m his good girl.

I do deserve it all, I do.

The cage looks quite cosy, actually. It’s next to the fire and Daddy even put a soft blanket in there. “We look after our pets.” he explained. He sets me a good example of compassion.

He catches me looking at the cage, tucked into the nook of his arm snuggled up on the sofa. It’s dark again. It’s noisier when it’s dark. Noisy in my head. Daddy’s reading me a story so I have something else to listen to. The low rumble of my Daddy’s narration drowns it out.

His pause indicates I should be listening to him. Turning my face up to him with a smile I nod for him to continue “Please Daddy.” I tune back into his words, idly picking the blood out from under my nails. We had a good hunt today.

Calmer in his arms and with the fairy stories working their magic, I relax. I trail my hand up towards Daddy’s fuzzy face and stroke his beard. My hand gently cups his jaw and moves in time with the words, Daddy’s throwing himself into character, roaring when the dragon does and imitating the squeaky little voice of the mouse.

It soothes the beast.

The story complete I whisper, almost inaudible “I’m sorry for the beast Daddy, it was hungry. I couldn’t stop…” I trail off, catching my lip wobbling at my failings. The beast within clawing for control as I falter in confidence.

He shakes his head, ignoring the words directly and moving on, speaking aloud, “Time for your bath little lady.” Daddy scoops me up as his stands, wrapping my legs around his waist to carry me to the bathroom.

He returns my whisper. “Daddy will teach you. We will tame that beast. We will show it that you are mine.” His words having instant affect, my breathing shallowing and girl parts grinding hungrily against the firmness of his hip. He feels it.

Louder now he tells me “I made you Blade. Don’t you think Daddy’s beast had to be tamed?” A flash of it showing in his eyes, reflected back in lustful energy. His beast burns a vibrant red of furious desire.

Sometimes I think they speak to one another, his beast and mine. Through our gazes they see one another. Sometimes, when Daddy takes me, I feel them connect. That’s when I wake up the most bruised and cut. That’s when Daddy bites down the most viciously. That’s when Daddy pounds me the hardest, relentlessly until I pass out in a blissful haze of pleasure and pain. Those are the times I want again and again.

But… but sometimes my beast gets out even when I don’t want it to. I can’t always control it. Even Daddy’s best words do little to cage the beast as it grows stronger. Those are the times I never want, waking up with hazy memory, a full stomach and Daddy’s anger.

“I am in control Blade.” Daddy’s words cut through my thoughts and bring me back to the present. “I have a lesson for you. To show you how. We’ll take it slowly, reign that beast in little by little, until he can’t hurt you anymore.” The intensity of Daddy’s stare matched by kisses that consume me. I’m breathless by the time he places me on the floor and starts the bath taps running.

In lighter tone Daddy’s attention turns back to the task at hand. “But right now my sweet darkling, a bath! Let’s get you all clean!” the intensity momentarily making way for bath time fun.

“Bubbles?” he asks? I nod enthusiastically. “Duckie?” he queries next, again to more furious nods. “And this?” he continues, holding a big pink loafer aloft. “Yes!” I squeal with more accompanying nodding.

I wonder….

“Daddy?” I ask gently, pushing to see how open he’ll be to my request. “Please may my pet come too?”

I see his eyes narrow, focusing on me. I feel his gaze bury into me, reading my mind.

“I just want to bathe her…” I say nervously, “…it. Just to keep it clean and…” I search for his words, “…to look after it. Like you showed me to!” I add brightly.

It’s the tiniest of tells, the curve at the edge of his lip, the not quite smile that speaks volumes of adoration, the one that waits for me to ask nicely, to ask as I’ve been taught, to ask anything of him and he shall deliver.

“OK.” He says with a note of caution in his voice. “To wash it, only. No rough play!” Daddy sets the boundaries. “It can’t handle a beast.” His words firm and telling.

As quick as the wink that accompanies his words, Daddy returns to playful “Especially not a beast as devious as Duckie!” he chuckles.

I bounce and wriggle out of Daddy’s hands, eager to go and collect my little creature. I hear Daddy’s laugh as I scramble to the floor to release the lock.

She takes a little coaxing at first. They all do at first. It takes some persuasion and that special soft voice that Daddy taught me. It takes wide eyes and a feigned frightened smile. Eventually, with the false sense of trust I garner by removing the shackles, they begin to believe and follow like little lambs to the slaughter.

Bouncing back into the bathroom I see the bath is bulging with big white bubbles! I clap my hands with excitement. My pet flinches involuntarily.

Quickly I drop my dress and remove the small set of panties from the creature. She obeys like a good girl and I fuss her as a reward. “Such a good pet!” Happiness beams from my everything.

“Bath time!” Daddy booms from behind us, re-entering the room. I squeal in excitement as he swoops down and picks us both up with ease.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” my excitement is uncontrollable as Daddy holds us above the bubbly mass.

“Deep breath!” he commands with a cheeky grin before dunking us both firmly under the warm water.

I resurface with a whoop and laughter. Daddy plays the funniest tricks. The Pet comes up shortly after, coughing and spluttering.

“Silly pet, you will have to learn!” I say, wiping the bubbles out of her eyes.


The water soothes my bruises and aching joints. It seems to relax her too, eventually even letting out a little smile as we play with Duckie.

I like her smile. I want it.

My girl parts twitch as the beast stirs within.

We want it.

We want to rip it off her face.

I wink at Daddy and slide a little closer to my pet. With an innocent smile I play a little closer, diving Duckie under the water. I smile at her, my most beautiful smile. She smiles back, the nurturing water breaking down her walls.

Daddy sits back and melts into the background but I still feel him watching me.

I like it when he watches me. When I must perform for him. His little actress.

I let my soft wet skin rub up against hers and let out a quiet laugh and giggle as I splash her a little. I let my body speak words of encouragement. Silent words of enticement.

The water laps up between us as I move in and take a kiss from her quivering lips. I match her inhale of surprise and play her like a puppet.

“Shhh…” I urge her with a finger to her lips. Fingers that trace down over her supple breasts and down below the bubbles. I find her pulsing cunt with ease and slide my slender fingers inside.

She takes it and gives herself to the moment. The animal drive for pleasure overriding her fear.

My free hand instinctively holds the back of her neck, reinforcing my control and allowing me the grip I need. I see it play out in my mind. My clever little hands bringing her on. Drawing out her pleasure and urging her closer and closer to climax. I imagine the feeling of her cunt clenching and convulsing in rhythm to my strokes and thrusts. I see her face blush and her breathing shallow as she gropes for release. I imagine how her face will look as she closes her eyes tight, reaching for that orgasm, the one I hold off just out of reach.

I hear her panting and the sound of the water making waves from her bucking hips. I smile to myself as I think how surprised she will be when I force her under the water. The confusion and gurgled scream as she cums hard, drowning with each wave of pleasure and involuntary breath.

“Good girl.” I growl quietly.

Good girl, the beast growls inside.

“Blade.” Daddy’s firm command cuts through the hotness, halting me just as I am about to plunge her down.

My pet freezes in my hands, juddering as she tries to wrestle against the orgasm, fearing Daddy’s intervention.

Mine, the beast growls.

I struggle to stop my hands working her cunt. She squirms under my hold, doing everything she can to hold off.

“Blade.” Daddy’s words repeat. The instruction is obvious… Stop.

MINE!! The beast roars, making my head swim.

“Yes, Sir.” I say weakly, my energy expended from wrestling control of my mind.

My hands come to rest and relax, softly cupping her under the water, holding still inside. The pet whimpers, caught between insatiable desire for release and the relief that I have stopped.

“Shut up and cum already.” Daddy growls at the girl. Immediately she climaxes hard around my fingers. I feel a hot jet of her piss and cum rush over my hand.

My cunt responds and I am overwhelmed with a sudden orgasm of my own.

“Good girl.” His words float through the air as he lifts me out of the water and enters me. Daddy treats as a reward for passing his lesson.

Daddy is in control. He will tame my beast.

One thought on “Dark Star, The Forty-Fifth Chapter – Bathing

  1. I don’t know how I have only just discovered your writing, but I am sure not to only be a stranger around these parts in name only. Your style and way with words have left me breathless.

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