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Dark Star, The Forty-Eighth Chapter – Bathing

I need to be careful with this one. Careful and clever. The last one made Daddy angry so we didn’t get to keep it anymore. Daddy loved him until he was all gone. I know it’s what the pet would … Continue reading

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Much as I protest “I don’t know how these things happen to me”, sometimes I do know; I may even admit to occasionally encouraging it. Every now and then I might hint or nudge, planting seeds of ideas probably with … Continue reading

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Speak Your Intent

The powerful effect of words can never be underestimated. I’ve been gently mocked with the suggestion that it doesn’t matter what is actually said, that the right tone of rapey-voice at just the right growly volume can make me melt … Continue reading

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The gleam in her eye speaks of an even deeper level of diabolicalness. I’m not clear on the specifics on the plan, only that there needs to be more rope. Whatever Miss Kitty’s evil switchy twin has dreamt up must … Continue reading

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Embarrassed by my own ego I remonstrate with my internal monologue “I think this is about me! Nooo, this can’t be about me, I’m so vain…could I be an edgy beauty and utterly adorable? Well…I’m a little bit adorable. Hush, no, … Continue reading

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