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Dark Star, The Forty-Eighth Chapter – Bathing

I need to be careful with this one. Careful and clever. The last one made Daddy angry so we didn’t get to keep it anymore. Daddy loved him until he was all gone. I know it’s what the pet would … Continue reading

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Dark Star, The Twenty-Sixth Chapter – Keeping

She’s small and soft and pretty. She’s a gift. A present from Daddy for doing so well. For helping him. I would have helped him anyway, of course, all it would have taken was a simple request “Be a good … Continue reading

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Dark Star, The Twenty-Second Chapter – Accusing

The bubbles pile high on top of the tub, a mountain of foam that I look forward to sliding into. I imagine the relief of the warm water on my aching body. The room fills with billowy heat; it steams … Continue reading

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“Go get your knife..go get your knife…and come in…” The butterflies in my stomach have a flutter of smug as I wait, basking in the sun. I’ve completed all my tasks like a good girl. I’d sent him a daily … Continue reading

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A lesson in self-control – guest blog

A delicious offering from my friend and confidant, the Firefly Minx. Thank you. Happy to share here as a guest blog. I’m certain my readers will enjoy it as much as I do. B’s fingers trail across my hip gently, his … Continue reading

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