This is not an invitation

It has bought to my attention that certain assumptions can be made about me from my online presence including this blog. An image of what Babefiend is about created from the gifs and erotic photos I proudly display and my explicit descriptions of sexual acts.

This brought to the surface a niggle that had been troubling me – as much as my blog acts as a handy “How To guide” for lovers to push my buttons, is there are potential danger that anyone would see it as an open invite? An agenda of what to expect? An itinerary of an encounter with Babefiend?

So let me clear up any potential assumptions for you  – I have an extraordinary life, for which I am grateful. I have extraordinary lovers and I show my gratitude for our shared experiences through my gift of words. I love to share these words with you, dear reader, but unless I know you and I say you can provide the (s)inspiration – that’s all I’m sharing.

This comes down to the fundamental rule of all things sex and kink. Consent.

Sharing my experiences online does not give you consent to try to repeat them. You cannot make the assumption that because I do these things that I will do them with you. This blog details experiences with those I am connected with, amazing people that I trust and love. I choose my friends and lovers carefully.

The most important thing to remember about of the experiences I write about? Consent has already been agreed.

Without wanting to speak on anyone’s behalf please apply this to all sex bloggers, in fact to all people – all of ‘em! Never assume, check your expectations at the door and seek consent.

This is a blog, a hot diary of my experiences, not an invitation to participate.

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