The Dark Star Chronicles

A star is born….

With a diamond edge, she spoke the words her Daddy had taught her. She let them roll like a torrent of abuse and filter into the mind of her victim. She spoke with a calm, vicious little whisper in the poor boy’s ear. She told him exactly what she thought. She told him exactly what she would do to him. She showed him a glimpse of her pretty ruined little mind.

She spoke until he sobbed with fear and desperation. And when she was done, she, finally, with a deliberate motion, steady, firm, fast and lethal, she put the blade in him. She made him sing. Made him sing beautiful sounds for Daddy. She was His good little girl. She would show Him exactly what she would do for Him. She was His precious little Blade.

These are the Dark Star Chronicles.

Chapter One – Moulding
Chapter Two – Adrenalizing
Chapter Three –De-humanising
Chapter Four – Hunting
Chapter Five – Hiding
Chapter Six – Digging
Chapter Seven – Taming
Chapter Eight –Prettifying
Chapter Nine – Escaping
Chapter Ten – Flying
Chapter Eleven – Distracting
Chapter Twelve – Clowning
Chapter Thirteen – Watching
Chapter Fourteen – Luring
Chapter Fifteen – Retaliating
Chapter Sixteen – Carving
Chapter Seventeen – Training
Chapter Eighteen – Serving
Chapter Nineteen – Praying
Chapter Twenty – Dawning
Chapter Twenty-One – Denouncing
Chapter Twenty-Two – Accusing
Chapter Twenty-Three – Kneeling
Chapter Twenty-Four – Confessing
Chapter Twenty-Five – Covering
Chapter Twenty-Six – Keeping
Chapter Twenty-Seven – Detaching
Chapter Twenty-Eight – Writing
Chapter Twenty-Nine – Decaying
Chapter Thirty – Eating
Chapter Thirty-One – Introducing
Chapter Thirty-Two – Composing by Vicious Mischief
Chapter Thirty-Three – Rabbiting
Chapter Thirty-Four – Gorging
Chapter Thirty-Five – Masquerading
Chapter Thirty-Six – Taking
Chapter Thirty-Seven – Playing
Chapter Thirty-Eight – Rambling
Chapter Thirty-Nine – Serenading
Chapter Forty – Seeding
Chapter Forty-One – Leaving
Chapter Forty-Two – Loving
Chapter Forty-Three – Tanning
Chapter Forty-Four – Rescuing
Chapter Forty-Five – Offering
Chapter Forty-Six – Crafting
Chapter Forty-Seven – Fixing
Chapter Forty-Eight – Bathing
Chapter Forty-Nine – Bargaining
Chapter Fifty – Snowing
Chapter Fifty-One – Gathering
Chapter Fifty-Two – Dressing
Chapter Fifty-Three – Mending
Chapter Fifty-Four – Sailing

Dark Star-3


This is purely a creative project, the messed-up mind child of Babefiend and RhysVs.

These posts are works of fiction. Dark Star, her Daddy and their victims are just make-believe. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the authors’ imaginations or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Trigger warnings

The Dark Star Chronicles cover disturbing themes of violence, rape, incest, abuse, kidnap and torture. This is a note to readers that the material could trigger an unwanted stress reaction.

These are the fucked-up fantasies that we would never want to happen in real life. Their depiction will never condone real violence, genuine abuse or harmful behaviour.

This the fictional work of Babefiend. It is to be seen as very separate to “From the mouth of Babefiend” which discusses consensual and risk aware BDSM in loving healthy relationships.

It is fantasy and not a desired reality.

One Response to The Dark Star Chronicles

  1. Simon says:

    Absolutely rock hard after reading Moulding. What a beautiful use of language! Incredibly intense and arousing and what better way to wake up on a Sunday morning!

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