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I don’t know why I bother with underwear when I’m around her. I used to bring a spare pair knowing she’d be likely to confiscate them but the more diabolical she gets, the less inclined I am to force further … Continue reading

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Little Star

Little Star is 8. She likes pink, colouring, sweeties, blanket forts, her kitties, playing make-believe and being told she’s a good girl. She’s a princess, so spoiled and so loved. She emerged from no where, unpredicted and yet very welcome. The … Continue reading

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Bad Girl

The powerful effect of ‘good girl’ is no secret, what’s interesting is how the opposite can work in terms of arousal. Being called a “bad girl”, subjected to insults or abusive, humiliating and degrading words stimulates a similar effect even … Continue reading

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Good Girl

There are two words that hold incredible power over me. Whispered into my ear as he holds me down, taking all of him into my ass, slowly gently easing himself into me “Good girl, you can take it…” guaranteed that I … Continue reading

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