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One Hot Night

And as he took me….I felt him fly…

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The thing about ambiguous emojis are the endless possibilities for interpretation. I’d been given a choice; a text message without context, forcing a decision from me. “Box A or Box B?” I doubted how much choice I actually had; who’s … Continue reading

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They are the moments I crave. Rare, precious and divine. The bearers of hotness blurs, of fractured bliss without logical linear order, without analysis, without fear. Safety in the freefall. Letting go. They are not planned, cannot be forced, are … Continue reading

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Perfect Sex

I love to collaborate on posts with Mimieux, our discussions delve into all things love, life and filth. Our most recent musings have been around ‘perfect sex’, is it a thing? If it is, then what defines it? We drew … Continue reading

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Aural Arousal

Words are magic their power over me is incomparable, they can be used to evoke emotion, arousal and, in the right hands, compliance. I love words. I also love the sounds of sex, from the breathless catches of early connection … Continue reading

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