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Dark Star, The Twenty-Seventh Chapter – Detaching

“Is it OK that I want to hurt them?” it’s been a distracting question, one demanding more of my attention, pushing itself to the forefront of my mind and stomping about like an unwelcome house guest. It keeps shouting at … Continue reading

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Dark Star, The Fifteenth Chapter – Retaliating

I don’t recognise his face at first. My vision swirling into focus like a dream sequence from a terrible movie. It feels equally surreal, something is wrong here. What should be familiar is warped. It’s as warped as his smile; … Continue reading

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Pegs, pain and pleasure

Every time he twitches it fires a pain response. Every time it fires a pain response three things happen, firstly his face contorts, initial wide eyed shock at the intensity before gritting his teeth to ride it, secondly I squeal … Continue reading

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Reflections of a sadist

With his fingers locked around my wrist I pad along behind him in puzzlement, obeying his command to. “Come on pup…” What’s he doing? Why are we going in here? The light from the hallway illuminates the room, bouncing off … Continue reading

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Distractions, Perversions and Plots

Distracting thoughts of perversion are scuppering any hope of concentrating on work this week. I’m physically at my desk but my head is elsewhere, drawn in by dark and dirty ideas. Flashes of cruel brilliance, filthy fantasies and scandalous schemes. … Continue reading

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