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Storyboard – Make Me Pretty

Good girls get what they ask for from their Daddies and their sister. Inspired by artistic images on Fetlife I asked…and I did indeed receive. Staples for the littlest pup. The pain, the collaboration, the way my cunt ached….How my … Continue reading

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Pegs, pain and pleasure

Every time he twitches it fires a pain response. Every time it fires a pain response three things happen, firstly his face contorts, initial wide eyed shock at the intensity before gritting his teeth to ride it, secondly I squeal … Continue reading

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Violet Wand

It’s a subtle reaction, just enough for me to know he’s feeling it too. The shock through his fingertips. The electric spark that matches the one on my skin. Taking some pain to inflict some. His smile is as dark … Continue reading

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