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Park Lane – The Monopoly Missions

His fingertips are so cold they make me gasp. Working their way in between my thighs, lifting my skirt until it’s indecent. The chilly evening air stings my bare skin. He stands directly in front of me, effectively blocking those … Continue reading

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Not Just Any Spanking….

“I think you’d look good crawling, what do you think?” I laugh as lightly as I can possibly fake and say “Probably” hoping that I’ve managed to avoid blushing. Are my cheeks burning? He doesn’t reply, he just looks at … Continue reading

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Reflections of a sadist

With his fingers locked around my wrist I pad along behind him in puzzlement, obeying his command to. “Come on pup…” What’s he doing? Why are we going in here? The light from the hallway illuminates the room, bouncing off … Continue reading

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A lesson in self-control – guest blog

A delicious offering from my friend and confidant, the Firefly Minx. Thank you. Happy to share here as a guest blog. I’m certain my readers will enjoy it as much as I do. B’s fingers trail across my hip gently, his … Continue reading

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Club Confessions

I watch him move in the reflection of the shiny black plastic that I’m pinned against. Hands above my head, feet slightly apart, dress pulled up around my waist. He’d firmly turned my head towards the wall, fingers gripping my … Continue reading

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