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Dark Star, The Twenty-Ninth Chapter – Decaying

A weathered face stares back at me from the glass; a face I know all too well. I look at the image of myself, aged beyond years. I examine the contours of the cracked skin, the sunken eyes, the white … Continue reading

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Dark Star, The Twenty-Third Chapter – Kneeling

“Come with me, child.” The haggard old woman’s words are direct and distant. I obey. Daddy said I should come here. Come to learn. I don’t know why. I don’t know what he thinks I can learn in a place … Continue reading

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Embarrassed by my own ego I remonstrate with my internal monologue “I think this is about me! Nooo, this can’t be about me, I’m so vain…could I be an edgy beauty and utterly adorable? Well…I’m a little bit adorable. Hush, no, … Continue reading

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Oh, Oh, Oh…so much more than orgasms

Orgasms are amazing. They are free, fun, diverse, pleasurable and, lucky for me, plentiful. Frequently featuring in my posts it’s no surprise that ‘orgasm’ is my most used tag, however inspired by Molly’s recent post More Than Just Orgasms I wanted … Continue reading

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Work Wank

Eyes to the screen, fingers poised on the keyboard, my internal remonstration becomes a mantra. “hush now damned uberhorn, you’re in the office, it’s not appropriate, hush now….” Desperately trying to focus on the work at hand and not the … Continue reading

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