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Perfect Sex

I love to collaborate on posts with Mimieux, our discussions delve into all things love, life and filth. Our most recent musings have been around ‘perfect sex’, is it a thing? If it is, then what defines it? We drew … Continue reading

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My marriage is over. I said that out loud for the first time this weekend and immediately followed it up with appreciation that I still get to live with my best friend, how we’re still very much in love and … Continue reading

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Fantasy to Reality‏

“Sneer again and I’ll push your face into his crotch” This is a promise. Honesty permeating each syllable. His words a determined threat to realise the obsession that had been consuming me this evening, the deliciously dark desire to be … Continue reading

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“On the ground I look to see, nothing there interests me, take a breath, head held high – be the unexpected” Emo-teen circa 1995 My previous post ‘This is not an invitation’ recounted my exploration of the admittedly rare and … Continue reading

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Bad Girl

The powerful effect of ‘good girl’ is no secret, what’s interesting is how the opposite can work in terms of arousal. Being called a “bad girl”, subjected to insults or abusive, humiliating and degrading words stimulates a similar effect even … Continue reading

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