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The vibrator had been very effective a couple of nights previously, I’d used it to massage his cock on a low setting, watching him writhe underneath me. This time without an audience I think I can push him more. He … Continue reading

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I re-read the quote in the book again. “…we melted into each other. When he caught me watching him watching me in the mirror, he turned his head and spit into my mouth” How could that line have possibly elicited a reaction … Continue reading

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Much as I protest “I don’t know how these things happen to me”, sometimes I do know; I may even admit to occasionally encouraging it. Every now and then I might hint or nudge, planting seeds of ideas probably with … Continue reading

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Tie Me, Make Me Fly

Her descriptions got me so wet. They prompted a craving, a wanting. She told me how her man seduces her with rope. Using his expertise to wrap it around, drawing her into him, to put her under his control. How … Continue reading

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