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Dark Star, The Fifty-First Chapter – Gathering

The hay is scratchy through the material of my dress but I barely notice, mesmerised by the pretty girls dancing around the pole. Wrapping their ribbons this way and that. The fair buzzes around us, children laughing, pelting through the … Continue reading

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Park Lane – The Monopoly Missions

His fingertips are so cold they make me gasp. Working their way in between my thighs, lifting my skirt until it’s indecent. The chilly evening air stings my bare skin. He stands directly in front of me, effectively blocking those … Continue reading

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Hotel in Mayfair – The Monopoly Missions

He assures me the staff are familiar with these kinds of illicit encounters. Their discretion can be counted on. The blind eyes they turn as they pass our table, the very obvious way they signal their approach from some distance, … Continue reading

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Much as I protest “I don’t know how these things happen to me”, sometimes I do know; I may even admit to occasionally encouraging it. Every now and then I might hint or nudge, planting seeds of ideas probably with … Continue reading

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I see them through the window. She is bouncy and excitable, delighting at my ruining. I assume he knows, he chose this room as he led me by the hand, finding us a private space to tie me up and … Continue reading

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