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Puppy’s Game – Guest Blog

So…little puppy…you want to play a game…? Intrigued, I text back with confirmation “Yes, yes I do!” The wonderful Domme behind Office Visit was pulling me in with her words again, her delicious words…distracting me at work again…texts coming thick … Continue reading

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Good Girl

There are two words that hold incredible power over me. Whispered into my ear as he holds me down, taking all of him into my ass, slowly gently easing himself into me “Good girl, you can take it…” guaranteed that I … Continue reading

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Lost and Bound

For a space that houses torture implements the dungeon is warm and surprisingly cosy. Aesthetically pleasing in uniform red and black; the fetish kit is complemented by a huge soft bed. Mirrors and restraints are strategically placed about the room … Continue reading

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Submissive with a good chance of storms

This was new; the Blue Haired Minx had me all soppy, cradling me in her arms, mesmerising me with those big doe eyes. Beautiful brown eyes burning into me with purpose. Obligingly restrained, my arms had been tethered behind me … Continue reading

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