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Dark Star, The Thirty-Fourth Chapter – Gorging

“Come now my beautiful darkling, I think you’ve had enough. Let’s save some for later.” I grip the eggs to me like the most precious bounty. No, I want more. Now. “I founded them. They’re mine. I hunted them good … Continue reading

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A lesson in self-control – guest blog

A delicious offering from my friend and confidant, the Firefly Minx. Thank you. Happy to share here as a guest blog. I’m certain my readers will enjoy it as much as I do. B’s fingers trail across my hip gently, his … Continue reading

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Bad Girl

The powerful effect of ‘good girl’ is no secret, what’s interesting is how the opposite can work in terms of arousal. Being called a “bad girl”, subjected to insults or abusive, humiliating and degrading words stimulates a similar effect even … Continue reading

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Oh, Oh, Oh…so much more than orgasms

Orgasms are amazing. They are free, fun, diverse, pleasurable and, lucky for me, plentiful. Frequently featuring in my posts it’s no surprise that ‘orgasm’ is my most used tag, however inspired by Molly’s recent post More Than Just Orgasms I wanted … Continue reading

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Nowhere to Hide

There’s nowhere to hide my face. I am naked and shackled. Connected by my ankles to the chair beneath me, tight red leather cuffs hold me firm, legs splayed. The most I can do is squirm and rock my pelvis … Continue reading

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