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Dark Star, The Forty-Ninth Chapter – Bargaining

This one will be a good one. He took much longer than the others. Fought back harder. Daddy had to get the chains for this one. Perhaps it’s because he’s older than the other pets. I wouldn’t call this one … Continue reading

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Your tea, your choice

Rock Star Dinosaur Princess, in addition to having a fantastic name, has also produced a most superb blog post on consent. Their analogy boils down consent to something as simplistically universal as tea. The writing is a work of art … Continue reading

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Confession Club

I feel oversized and awkward sitting on his lap but that’s not why I’m scowling. I think he’s enjoying this a little bit too much; smirking as he asks “Won’t this be fun?!….Oh, is it difficult? Do you not like … Continue reading

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Speak Your Intent

The powerful effect of words can never be underestimated. I’ve been gently mocked with the suggestion that it doesn’t matter what is actually said, that the right tone of rapey-voice at just the right growly volume can make me melt … Continue reading

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Fantasy to Reality‏

“Sneer again and I’ll push your face into his crotch” This is a promise. Honesty permeating each syllable. His words a determined threat to realise the obsession that had been consuming me this evening, the deliciously dark desire to be … Continue reading

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