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Puppy’s Game – Guest Blog

So…little puppy…you want to play a game…? Intrigued, I text back with confirmation “Yes, yes I do!” The wonderful Domme behind Office Visit was pulling me in with her words again, her delicious words…distracting me at work again…texts coming thick … Continue reading

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Puppy Training

“She’s made a terrible mess. Is she always this much of a messy puppy?” Head down, hiding my shame-face behind my hair I hear her confirmation, yes, I can’t be taken anywhere, so poorly trained.Looking down between my legs I … Continue reading

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Lost and Bound

For a space that houses torture implements the dungeon is warm and surprisingly cosy. Aesthetically pleasing in uniform red and black; the fetish kit is complemented by a huge soft bed. Mirrors and restraints are strategically placed about the room … Continue reading

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