Dark Star, The Forty-Eighth Chapter – Bathing

I need to be careful with this one.

Careful and clever.

The last one made Daddy angry so we didn’t get to keep it anymore. Daddy loved him until he was all gone. I know it’s what the pet would have wanted, really, deep down. His body showed how much he liked it, hard in his boy parts and parting with a smile.

I didn’t get to explain that I wanted to keep him, just a little bit. I’m not allowed to think that so I don’t. I don’t think it and I never, ever say it. Even when I feel it. Even when it’s not fair that Daddy breaks my toys.

This time if I want to play I must get permission like a good girl. Or maybe I can make Daddy want to play too, so that I can. Daddy barely pays attention to the pets unless they’re bad or he’s teaching me a lesson. I get all of his loving and Daddy treats because I’m his good girl. I do deserve it all, I do.

The cage looks quite cosy, actually. It’s next to the fire and Daddy even put a soft blanket in there. “We look after our pets.” he explained. He sets me a good example of compassion.

He catches me looking at the cage, tucked into the nook of his arm snuggled up on the sofa. It’s dark again. It’s noisier when it’s dark. Noisy in my head. Daddy’s reading me a story so I have something else to listen to. The low rumble of my Daddy’s narration drowns it out.

His pause indicates I should be listening to him. Turning my face up to him with a smile I nod for him to continue “Please Daddy.” I tune back into his words, idly picking the blood out from under my nails. We had a good hunt today.

Calmer in his arms and with the fairy stories working their magic, I relax. I trail my hand up towards Daddy’s fuzzy face and stroke his beard. My hand gently cups his jaw and moves in time with the words, Daddy’s throwing himself into character, roaring when the dragon does and imitating the squeaky little voice of the mouse.

It soothes the beast.

The story complete I whisper, almost inaudible “I’m sorry for the beast Daddy, it was hungry. I couldn’t stop…” I trail off, catching my lip wobbling at my failings. The black beast within clawing for control as I falter in confidence.

He shakes his head, ignoring the words directly and moving on, speaking aloud, “Time for your bath little lady.” Daddy scoops me up as his stands, wrapping my legs around his waist to carry me to the bathroom.

He returns my whisper. “Daddy will teach you. We will tame that beast. We will show it that you are mine.” His words having instant affect, my breathing shallowing and girl parts grinding hungrily against the firmness of his hip. He feels it.

Louder now he tells me “I made you Blade. Don’t you think Daddy’s beast had to be tamed?” A flash of it showing in his eyes, reflected back in lustful energy. His beast burns a vibrant red of furious desire.

Sometimes I think they speak to one another, his beast and mine. Through our gazes they see one another. Sometimes, when Daddy takes me, I feel them connect. That’s when I wake up the most bruised and cut. That’s when Daddy bites down the most viciously. That’s when Daddy pounds me the hardest, relentlessly until I pass out in a blissful haze of pleasure and pain. Those are the times I want again and again.

But… but sometimes my beast gets out even when I don’t want it to. I can’t always control it. Even Daddy’s best words do little to cage the beast as it grows stronger. Those are the times I never want, waking up with hazy memory, a full stomach and Daddy’s anger.

“I am in control Blade.” Daddy’s words cut through my thoughts and bring me back to the present. “I have a lesson for you. To show you how. We’ll take it slowly, reign that beast in little by little until he can’t hurt you anymore.” The intensity of Daddy’s stare matched by kisses that consume me. I’m breathless by the time he places me on the floor and starts the bath taps running.

In lighter tone Daddy’s attention turns back to the task at hand. “But right now my sweet darkling, a bath! Let’s get you all clean!” the intensity momentarily making way for bath time fun.

“Bubbles?” he asks? I nod enthusiastically. “Duckie?” he queries next, again to more furious nods. “And this?” he continues, holding a big pink loafer aloft. “Yes!” I squeal with more accompanying nodding.

I wonder….

“Daddy?” I ask gently, pushing to see how open he’ll be to my request. “Please may my pet come too?”

I see his eyes narrow, focusing on me. I feel his gaze bury into me, reading my mind.

“I just want to bathe her…” I say nervously, “…it. Just to keep it clean and…” I search for his words, “…to look after it. Like you showed me to!” I add brightly.

It’s the tiniest of tells, the curve at the edge of his lip, the not quite smile that speaks volumes of adoration, the one that waits for me to ask nicely, to ask as I’ve been taught, to ask anything of him and he shall deliver.

“OK.” He says with note of caution in his voice. “To wash it, only. No rough play!” Daddy sets the boundaries. “It can’t handle a beast.” His words firm and telling.

As quick as the wink that accompanies his words, Daddy returns to playful “Especially not a beast as devious as Duckie!” he chuckles.

I bounce and wriggle out of Daddy’s hands, eager to go and collect my little creature. I hear Daddy’s laugh as I scramble to floor to release the lock.

She takes a little coaxing at first. They all do at first. It takes some persuasion and that special soft voice that Daddy taught me. It takes wide eyes and a feigned frightened smile. Eventually, with the false sense of trust I garner by removing the shackles, they begin to believe and follow like little lambs to the slaughter.

Bouncing back into the bathroom I see the bath is bulging with big white bubbles! I clap my hands with excitement. My pet flinches involuntarily.

Quickly I drop my dress and remove the small set of panties from my pet. She obeys like a good girl and I pet her as a reward. “Such a good pet!” Happiness beams from my everything.

“Bath time!” Daddy booms from behind us, re-entering the room. I squeal in excitement as he swoops down and picks us both up with ease.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” my excitement is uncontrollable as Daddy holds us above the bubbly mass.

“Deep breath!” he commands with a cheeky grin before dunking us both firmly under the warm water.

I resurface with a whoop and laughter. Daddy plays the funniest tricks. Pet comes up shortly after, coughing and spluttering.

“Silly pet, you will have to learn!” I say, wiping the bubbles out of her eyes.


The water soothes my bruises and aching joints. It seems to relax her too, eventually even letting out a little smile as we play with Duckie.

I like her smile. I want it.

My girl parts twitch as the beast stirs within.

We want it.

We want to rip it off her face.

I wink at Daddy and slide a little closer to my pet. With an innocent smile I play a little closer, diving Duckie under the water. I smile at her, my most beautiful smile. She smiles back, the nurturing water breaking down her walls.

Daddy sits back and melts into the background but I still feel him watching me.

I like it when he watches me. When I must perform for him. His little actress.

I let my soft wet skin rub up against hers and let out a quiet laugh and giggle as I splash her a little. I let my body speak words of encouragement. Silent words of enticement.

The water laps up between us as I move in and take a kiss from her quivering lips. I match her inhale of surprise and play her like a puppet.

“Shhh…” I urge her with a finger to her lips. Fingers that trace down over her supple breasts and down below the bubbles. I find her pulsing cunt with ease and slide my slender fingers inside.

She takes it and gives herself to the moment. The animal drive for pleasure overriding her fear.

My free hand instinctively holds the back of her neck, reinforcing my control and allowing me the grip I need. I see it play out in my mind. My clever little hands bringing her on. Drawing out her pleasure and urging her closer and closer to climax. I imagine the feeling of her cunt clenching and convulsing in rhythm to my strokes and thrusts. I see her face blush and her breathing shallow as she gropes for release. I imagine how her face will look as she closes her eyes tight, reaching for that orgasm, the one I hold off just out of reach.

I hear her panting and the sound of the water making waves from her bucking hips. I smile to myself as I think how surprised she will be when I force her under the water. The confusion and gurgled scream as she cums hard, drowning with each wave of pleasure and involuntary breath.

“Good girl.” I growl quietly.

Good girl, the beast growls inside.

“Blade.” Daddy’s firm command cuts through the hotness, halting me just as I am about to plunge her down.

My pet freezes in my hands, juddering as she tries to wrestle against the orgasm, fearing Daddy’s intervention.

Mine, the beast growls.

I struggle to stop my hands working her cunt. She squirms under my hold, doing everything she can to hold off.

“Blade.” Daddy’s words repeat. The instruction is obvious… Stop.

MINE!! The beast roars, making my head swim.

“Yes, Sir.” I say weakly, my energy expended from wrestling control of my mind.

My hands come to rest and relax, softly cupping her under the water, holding still inside. The pet whimpers, caught between insatiable desire for release and the relief that I have stopped.

“Shut up and cum already.” Daddy growls at the girl. Immediately she climaxes hard around my fingers. I feel the hot jet of her piss and cum rush over my hand.

My cunt responds and I am overwhelmed with a sudden orgasm of my own.

“Good girl.” His words float through the air as he lifts me out of the water and enters me. Daddy treats as a reward for passing his lesson.

Daddy is in control. He will tame my beast.

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Dark Star, The Forty-Seventh Chapter – Fixing

Daddy leads me through the farmyard to unload the bags. The first contains a replacement dress, my old one was ruined during play time this morning because blood is so very difficult to shift, even though I rub until I’m sore.

Daddy chose me a new pretty dress and promised he’d make good use of the new red stained rags, he’s such a clever Daddy, letting nothing go to waste.

Medical goods are also piled into the boot to be unloaded, the antiseptic smell of the supplies excites me. Daddy’s fit them nicely around our treasure, all happily trussed up in the boot

I needed a new doll to play with here on the farm and now Daddy has found me a doll and she’s perfect. We got her at the market too. She was so keen to help me with the big boxes.
Daddy’s made me a new harness so I can learn to love her like he loves me.

We’ve bought her home to teach her the ways of Daddy. I will use her to make him proud.

I try to anyway.

I try really hard.

I thrust awkwardly against the girl’s backside. I’ve seen Daddy do it so often I thought I’d know how but the harness slips around my hips and I can’t find a rhythm.

I smile at Daddy, trying to show appreciation for his gift to me. My defeated frustration must show through because he returns a frown.

“Thank you Daddy.” I try to cover up the difficulties and stroke his arm.

“What’s wrong Blade?” he asks with a thoughtful tone.

“It slips.” I answer honestly as he demands. “I don’t think I have it right.” My voice heavy with disappointment. I so want to show him how grateful I am. This specially dolly just for me and I can’t love her like Daddy does.

He nods and takes a closer look, guiding my hips back and forth with a big hand, watching as the harness slips about. I have no control over the angle and my thrusts are practically redundant. Even if the girl was wet I doubt I’d be able to force my way inside.

“It does slip.” He says with disappointment. “Not to worry little one,” his smile confident as he slips the harness down my thighs. “Daddy can fix this.”

I stoke the girls hair whilst we wait, pushing it away from her wet eyes. She’s being ever so quiet and well behaved, I can barely hear a whimper from underneath the special rubber mask Daddy gave her. It looks quite funny, blown up like a balloon inside her face.

She looks me with pleading eyes, tugging at my generous heart. “I’m sorry…” I whisper “I will try to do better. I’ll try to take you like Daddy takes me… hard and with delicious pain. You want it like I want it. I know you do. Daddy says so.”

The thought of Daddy makes me drift into pleasurable memories of the night she came home from with us. Of how impressed she was with Daddy raining his love down on me, so much that she was lost for words, wide eyed and shaking, moved to tears that continued long into the night.

She shakes her head vigorously and sobs harder. I pang with guilt, “I know…” I say with soothing strokes… “I know you want it. Daddy will fix it and make it all better and then you can have it. Not long now…I’m sorry you have to wait but this is my most important lesson and I want to get it right.”

I glance over to Daddy fixing the harness at his special bench. “See…” I gesture as he turns to face us, his work complete, “Daddy fixed!”

She must be very excited, the way she’s bucking under my hands. The smell of desperation seeps off her, it sparkles in her eyes. “I’ll use you good,” I promise, pulling her squirming body back towards me. “I’ll take you and show you I love you little dolly, just like Daddy loves me.”

Daddy holds the harness up to the light, checking it this way and that. There’s a smug satisfaction evident from his smile. Daddy’s pleased with his handiwork.

“Up!” he instructs, tapping one foot then the other to slide the harness onto me. I balance left, then right, patiently allowing Daddy to slide it up around my hips.

The nail studs that Daddy has fastened inside the harness dig into my pelvis. “Here you go, my darkling girl.” Daddy reassures me as he tightens first the modified waist belt, then the thigh straps. “This should stay nice and secure.”

It hurts. That means Daddy loves me.


The belt digs in tight, like piercing teeth from repeated Daddy kisses in a rosy ring all around my hips. The last notch in the belt draws many little rivers of red from my delicate skin. The smell makes Daddy growl. He holds himself and pushes me towards the girl with the simple instruction: “Have another go.”

I enter her, trying to concentrate while the hot pain distracts me. This time the harness doesn’t slip, it very much stays in place, held fast by nails piercing my skin.

It hurts. I get wet. I want Daddy to be inside me.

Daddy pushes me forward and I thrust into her. I whimper at the piercing pain but force my way inside. I will make Daddy proud.

“I want you to really feel it as you take her. As you learn to love her. Feel it. Embrace it. Lose yourself in it.” With that Daddy forces my hips forwards and backwards making my new steel cock thrust deep into the sobbing girl’s cunt. The resistance pushes the nails deeper into my flesh, burying deep into the soft skin and releasing trickles of fresh red blood down my thighs.

“Good girl,” Daddy’s word spur me on. She must really be enjoying it because her cunt is gripping tight around my metal boy parts, I can feel the resistance, it pushes back against me with such sweet agony.

She’s so swollen against my thick cock. It only takes a few more strokes before she orgasms. Hard, wet and messily all over me.

“Well done Blade,” Daddy congratulates me.

I nod and smile through my tears, my Daddy’s pride the best anesthetic against the pain. It beams from him. It flows from him, like the blood flowing down my legs, blood my Daddy enthusiastically laps up as he helps me remove the harness, unhooking each of its barbs, drinking deep of my wounds.

“You’ve pleased me.” Daddy smiles, “Blade, you learnt your lesson so well… Sometimes love hurts my precious one. Sometimes it hurts for both of you. You must persevere until it feels right, until you find what works despite the pain.”

He gestures to my obedient dolly. “Look how well you loved her today and how pleased she is, shaking with pleasure.” Daddy must be right, Daddy is always right.

“I will teach you to control your beast Blade, to choose when and how to give the gift of love or the pleasure of pain. How to make those two collide. To own the beast, rather than have it own you.”

“Tomorrow we have a new lesson Blade. Daddy loves you in all your holes does he? You will learn to do the same, my clever girl.” He draws me into his arms and I surrender to his hold, to the wooziness I feel from the blood loss and to his words.

I am Daddy’s good girl, and sometimes love hurts.


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Dark Star, The Forty-Sixth Chapter – Crafting

This house has extra space. More space for me to develop and grow, Daddy says. More space for me to do all the things that good girls do.

I can read any of the books Daddy chooses for me. I can bake using our special ingredients. I can clean and make house like we’re a good little family and I can make pretty things. I like making pretty things.

This house has extra space so I can have a craft corner, a little nook for me to sew and create. Daddy cleared the shelves and drawers, dramatically pulling everything off the rails with a “Ta da”. He has a special sparkle in his eyes when he acts dramatic like that for me. He likes it when I giggle and clap and call out for it “again, again!”

That night we had a bonfire, burning the old to bring in the new. I kept a few little trinkets from the things that were here before, recycling, giving them a new life, making them my own. Daddy says I’m extra special for taking so much care of our world. He says I’m born of the Earth and Nature and that I act as people should. Showing care for the land and eviscerating those that abuse it.

Those trinkets were the first of my collection. I cutted them up into pieces, ingredients for my creations, the supplies for my projects. Daddy said the excess bits wouldn’t burn so we fed them to the pigs as a special treat.

I like the piggies, I think they’re a bit like me, sweet and snuffly on the outside, all cute and fuzzy. They’re good to stroke but the frenzy when you feed them blood… Gosh! I think they have beasts inside them! Beast like Daddy and I do. Daddy says they’re nature’s blade – they obliterate anything that’s left at their mercy.

I admire the rows, all neatly organised. Each drawer labelled with the contents. Easy to find the various bits and pieces I need.

Daddy says we might stay here a while now so I can try some bigger projects, and maybe he’d help me. We could make some furniture, more “our style” Daddy said, replace the old fuddy duddy décor of the previous farmers. Daddy would use his new work bench and I can sew the covers and decorate them.

Or I could try my hand at some clothes, maybe even a gown so one day Daddy could take me dancing.

If we stay, and Daddy wants to stay, I may not have any new toys for a little while. The shops of the cities are far away and we have less chance of playthings volunteering themselves for our games, although Daddy thinks he’s seen one or two. A campsite down the lane might bring friends who’ll want to play.

I can make myself some new toys though, a pretty dolly family to have adventures around the old cottage and the barns. I can make them. I can make them perfect. I can make them using all the adorable teeny body parts laid out for me to choose from.

I even have hearts so they can feel and eyes so they can see and I was very careful in saving hair that I can plait and style a hundred times over. It’s all still attached to the little scalp sections. They just need stuffing and sewing together.

I stroke each piece in turn counting them out, delighting at my wealth of supplies, my treasure trove. “Two little arms, two bigger arms, two little legs, two bigger legs…” Then tap each of the glass jars containing the accessories. I was very lucky to have so many eyes to choose from, a selection of colours. I was extremely frugal, saving all the things I thought could be used again when we took over. I didn’t let any parts go to waste that were good.

Daddy said the farmer’s children would be so pleased to know I was making toys with what was left over. They were only little, but I know they played with dollies like me because I tore them apart too, the strange little plastic shells. Empty of emotion, not like my dollies will be, they still have life in their eyes.

My first attempt at a new dolly is a disaster. I spend days trying to cut the pieces to fit and sewing them is hard. I dig the needle deep into my hand many times and soon become distracted, gorging on my own sweet blood. Looking at the end result, I’ve simply made a chewed mess.

Daddy comforts me in his lap, sat in front of the open hearth. He strokes my hair with one hand as he holds up my creation to examine it with the other.

“I can see you’re getting better,” he reassures me. “Practice my Blade and you will be a master before you realise it.”

Re-emerging from the nestling spot in his chest, I ask with uncertainty, “Really?”

“Yes.” He smiles, warmly at me. “Put your mind to it Blade and you can achieve anything. You may not appreciate it now, but you will.” His belief in me makes my heart race.

“Anyone with any sense,” he adds with a cheeky twinkle in his eye, “would do well to recognise your talents too. Just,” he kisses me on the nose, “like I do.”

The next few days are lost in a feverish haze of craftwork. Daddy brings me meals and exclaims with awe as I show him my progress. I want to do well for him and he said I should be a master at this so I will be. I will be. I just need to keep practicing.

Eventually, tired and sore with fingers rubbed raw, I collapse in bed with Daddy.

“Well..?” He asks expectantly.
“All. Done.” I exhale each word and fall into a deep slumber.

Daddy has a surprise for me on waking, leading me sleepy eyed through the cottage.

The small girl looks at me from the corner of the play room. She’s shaking with nerves. Daddy says my friends are always nervous to meet me because of my reputation, because they all think I’m so marvellous. I don’t think I’m anything special, despite what Daddy says about me.

“I know you think I must the most marvellous girl in the world,” I say with ease. “But I’m not. I’m just another normal girl like you.” I give her my best smile. “I’m silly and clumsy and just a bit of a dork really!” Daddy says I’m a bit of a dork. He says it means I’m cute and it’s because I haven’t caught up on growing up yet.

I can’t wait to show her my special new dolly family.

Her face scrunches up as I hand her the boy doll. He has genuine boy parts, although they’re a bit big for his body and they don’t move like they used to. I don’t understand why she doesn’t seem to like it. Her little boney hands cover her quivering lips and wrinkled nose.

“What’s wrong.” I ask, forlorn at her response. “Don’t you like him?”

She pushes the boy dolly away, retreating as far into the corner as she can. Her slender limbs look like a spider retreating into a hole in the wall.

“Fine!” I shout, angry at her lack of appreciation for my art. “Hide in a hole like a pathetic spider. You don’t deserve to be my friend!”

Stupid girl. Stupid stupid girl. Doesn’t she know how hard I worked?

Daddy knows exactly what to do, of course. Life is simple here on the farm. No pressures from the outside world, no scrutiny nor people sticking their noses in.

Just a chance to create, to raise life, grow food, live off the land and by the seasons. We’ll eat what we grow and what we can gather. The gathered girl doesn’t taste like ungrateful… Quite the opposite… With vegetables and dumplings, she’s really quite sweet. A hearty meal making the best of what’s available. And what’s left… that fits neatly in my drawers, ready to be remade. Ready for me to make perfect again.

Daddy wants to raise a whole flock, animals for meat and food, animals to breed. Animals to be proud of. We’ll never need anyone or anything else. Self-sustaining simplicity.

We’ll make this our home, our forever home. It’s quite the life we’re crafting here.


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Dark Star, The Forty-Fifth Chapter – Offering

A bird comes into view. A silly little thing. Chest puffed, all red with glee.

It flits, it flutters. The bird I see. It hops from the frost bitten tree.

Stupid little creature now. It comes close to me.

My hand, I hold out. Cold as ice, white as snow.

The grains of seed, I let them go.

The bird, it chirps. It lets me know.

With thanks it takes them. One by one.

Gentle pecks and ruffling of feathers.

The last morsel, the final seed.

The bird, it reaches for it. It’s final deed.

With a wail and scream, my hand bangs down.

My need is met. The bird is dead.

The silly little thing. Tonight, me, it will have fed.


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Dark Star, The Forty-Fourth Chapter – Rescuing

Up in my tower I wait for a valiant knight to come and rescue me. I’m in the tallest tower of the whole castle. Cursed by a wicked witch when I was born I’m destined to wait here, protected by a fierce dragon, to be rescued by the bravest of men who can break her spell and free me from these unseen chains.

It’s the most perfect castle. Daddy drew on all the brickwork, on the plain side, not the cereal box side. There’s even a drawbridge that comes up and down with thin ropes. Our moat, my favourite blue blankie, is home to the most vicious of crocodiles, ready to eat your face off. The big castle gates I painted in black are the only way to enter the fortified kingdom to save me, the innocent princess, from her lonely fate.

My princess dress isn’t perfect but it’s only a little bit stained. I try not to bleed on it too much.

High up on my sofa tower there’s no hope of escape, the only way in and out of the castle gates is get through the dragon, roaming on the floor below me.

On all fours he paces back and forth looking menacing, sneering up at me. “I see you evil dragon,” I tell him. “Keeping me captive here. Oh where, oh where is my rescuer?!” The dragon huffs at me, I see little puffs of smoke pour out of his nostrils, just above all the dried blood. I see him as a strong vicious beast, far larger than his human body with deep dark burgundy scales, bred purely to guard me with his life. I see it, even if it takes Daddy’s persuasion to make him adopt his role.

“Hark! What’s that I hear in the distance?” I exclaim with mock surprise which makes Daddy smirk. “Is that my brave knight coming to save me?”

Though the movement may be clunky, the horse not quite yet used to his rider and the bit that fills his mouth, they move steadily towards me, urged on by Daddy and his special zappy playtime stick. They make their way to the entrance of the castle, across the landscape of my cottage kingdom.

“The dragon, has heard the clippedy clop of hooves,” Daddy narrates, “and he comes out of the castle with a ferocious roar!” Nodding to me to open the gates and drop the drawbridge. I slide down to complete the tasks before scrambling back up again to my tower perch, waiting to watch the action, to see my knight fight for me, to slay the dragon and take my hand.

Daddy’s storytime voice directs the action. “The dragon comes out of the gates and towards the knight and his noble steed, ready to protect the princess at all costs.” He nods and I push the end of the stick hard against the dragon’s bare behind, clicking down on the button to spur him on. The zap is audible and the impact evident in how he springs forward.

“A roar!” Daddy reminds the dragon with a glare. I hear a deep bellowing ROOOOOAR! that comes out of the dragon’s mouth accompanied by fire and smoke. I hear the guttural sounds of an angry beast. I hear it even if his pathetic human whimper belies the illusion.

“And now…” Daddy proclaims, “They fight!” I bounce with glee, the soft sofa back cushioning my enthusiastic movements. This is my favourite part. The part with the back and forth action, the blood and tearing of flesh. I like it when they break each other’s bones. I like the breaking sounds.

“If the dragon wins, he lives to fight another day!” Daddy explains “If the knight wins, he gets all the bounty of the kingdom, he’ll eat the biggest feast for rescuing the princess, he’ll finally get to eat today… for the first time this week…”

He adds a sidebar to me: “The knight has trekked far you see princess, for many days he has been preparing to rescue you, getting his horse ready for the long journey.” I giggle, I love Daddy’s stories. I know they’ve really just been in the barn since we adopted them.

It’s warm in there. And they’ve had a trough to drink from.

I squash down the thought and throw myself back into the make believe. I see the horse stamping the ground, ready to charge the dragon. I see his thick mane and long tail. I see a beautiful majestic creature, rather than the skinny shivering boy looking deeply disturbed and a little confused.

He’ll learn, if the horsey survives the battle he’ll get to be the knight next time. Knights always fight that bit harder when they’ve played the game before, when they know what’s at stake.

The knight dismounts, standing firm against the dragon, raising his sword. The beast is considerably bigger with fierce sharp claws and teeth that bite, still stained with the blood of the last knight that dared to enter the castle grounds to rescue the princess.

I see the fight in their eyes, fight that goes beyond playful, fight that is motivated by survival. Motivated by their rumbling tummies as much as the beautiful princess. The internal struggle shows in their movement, but they must fight, fight or die, fight or starve. They know what’s at stake.

“Fight.” I urge them. “Fight for me, fight for me and I shall ensure you have all the riches you desire. You shall be handsomely rewarded.” I gesture towards a table of food, laid out for the victor. Thick slabs of red meat, healthy young meat.

I see the knight heroically battling to win my hand. To save me from a fate worse than death, doomed to be alone forever trapped in the castle. I see him brandishing a sword made of the finest steel, rippling muscles under his chainmail, determinedly focussing on saving me, protecting me from the dragon. Ready to whisk me off to be his bride. I see him brave and fearless, not the snivelling boy cringing every time the crude wooden sword connects.

Not the terrified boy that’s wet himself under the pressure. Not the stupid boy that’s failing to defend himself under the weight of a dragon that’s won this fight before.

I see him as heroic knight, simply outmatched in this battle to the death, falling under the enormous weight of an angry, hungry dragon that’s gnashing at his soft skin, tearing his neck open to torrents of blood, gushing up the walls of the castle.

His horsey whinnies and pulls away, seeing the fate of his owner and fearing for himself but his bit is too tight, his reigns too securely shackled. He’s stuck, closing his eyes against the horror. He begins to move his hooves to his ears to cover the sound but Daddy catches him with a zap. “Horses walk on all fours.” He reminds the boy. “Hooves, not hands.”

Panicked and frothing at the mouth the knight’s beast displays physical relief when the dragons teeth finally rip their way completely through the knight’s mangled neck, severed vocal chords can’t scream.


His work done the dragon sits back, panting and drenched in fresh blood. He looks to Daddy, pleading. “Clever beast,” Daddy whispers, dragging the defeated Knight from the castle grounds and replacing him with meat, an abundance of meat. The dragon’s reward.

He begins devouring the pile of raw flesh as Daddy leads the horse away. “I hope you’ll do better! You’re our new knight,” he whispers to the now howling steed, his animalistic noises opposed to his assigned role. Daddy swiftly kicks him into the yard, no one will hear him out there.

Perhaps the dark and rainy night will inspire him to devise a better battle plan. Perhaps he can be the knight that wins? The one that finally defeats the dragon and frees me?

“Oh woe is me!” I wail dramatically. “Banished to live forever in this tower, punished by the witch’s curse. Will I never know true love? Will I ever be saved?” I mock cry into my hands… my stomach starting to flutter a little as I know what comes next.

“Oh but princess,” Daddy swoops into the castle and pulls me into his arms. “You forget about the King’s guard and his secret tunnels. Every evening he sneaks in to see the princess, locked away, unable to leave her tower. He comes to see her and teaches her, doesn’t he?” I nod furiously, beaming away as Daddy becomes the guard.

“Hush princess, I can’t stay for long, the dragon has devoured the foolish knight and slumbers… but he’ll awake soon. You want to be a good princess don’t you? You want to be able to please your knight when he rescues you?”

“Yes Dadd… I mean, Sir, yes I do…will you show me?”

“You’re in luck for I shall! Today we can play a special little game. I’ll show you how to be the perfect bride when your perfect brave knight comes to rescue you. How to please him so he’ll look after you forever. How to pleasure him so he doesn’t get angry and have to show you himself. Come now princess” Daddy continues in character, “Rid yourself of that cumbersome dress and undergarments… let me show you how.”

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