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Your tea, your choice

Rock Star Dinosaur Princess, in addition to having a fantastic name, has also produced a most superb blog post on consent. Their analogy boils down consent to something as simplistically universal as tea. The writing is a work of art … Continue reading

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A lesson in self-control – guest blog

A delicious offering from my friend and confidant, the Firefly Minx. Thank you. Happy to share here as a guest blog. I’m certain my readers will enjoy it as much as I do. B’s fingers trail across my hip gently, his … Continue reading

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Puppy’s Game – Guest Blog

So…little puppy…you want to play a game…? Intrigued, I text back with confirmation “Yes, yes I do!” The wonderful Domme behind Office Visit was pulling me in with her words again, her delicious words…distracting me at work again…texts coming thick … Continue reading

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What I really want to talk about today is cunt kicking. Sometimes the moment just feels right for something different. Like how you can tell when someone needs a hug… but in this particular moment she needed a good cunt … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of the Dark? Guest Blog

I am. Sometimes I look within at the dark perverse side of me and it scares me. My evil twin, she calls it. She brings out my evil twin. She makes me want to do very bad things. All the … Continue reading

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