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Storyboard – Make Me Pretty

Good girls get what they ask for from their Daddies and their sister. Inspired by artistic images on Fetlife I asked…and I did indeed receive. Staples for the littlest pup. The pain, the collaboration, the way my cunt ached….How my … Continue reading

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One Hot Night

And as he took me….I felt him fly…

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Here Puppy

His tying isn’t technical. It doesn’t need to be. It’s raw, primal passion, using his whole body to restrain me and the jute simply to hold me in place. Constantly moving, flowing with impeccable pace, reading me, building me. The … Continue reading

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They are the moments I crave. Rare, precious and divine. The bearers of hotness blurs, of fractured bliss without logical linear order, without analysis, without fear. Safety in the freefall. Letting go. They are not planned, cannot be forced, are … Continue reading

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Puppy’s Game – Guest Blog

So…little puppy…you want to play a game…? Intrigued, I text back with confirmation “Yes, yes I do!” The wonderful Domme behind Office Visit was pulling me in with her words again, her delicious words…distracting me at work again…texts coming thick … Continue reading

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