About Babefiend

My life is pretty extraordinary.
I am proud to be kinky.
I am proud to have had an unconventional marriage and amazing friends and lovers.
I have urges; heart driven, cunt driven, head driven and I deserve to fulfil them.

This blog is a positive memoire, a diary of my evolution; an account of experiences, feelings, filth, smut and musings. More of a collection of stories than a chronological diary.

Chose any post on the left or pick a topic from my filth cloud and enjoy.
Drink in every word and know they are written with honesty, love and a fair amount of wanking over my own experiences, complete with head-shaking, oh my wow, I can’t believe I’m this lucky smiles.

I write for me, writing as therapy. If there’s the added bonus that you connect with my words, that they inspire you or help you on your journey, then I’ll know I’ve achieved something.

This is my truth, my whole truth. I stand by what I write although I acknowledge that sometimes my truth may change as I evolve, that’s the wonder of enlightenment.

This blog is my gift to you, to myself, and to all the amazing people who have given me their friendship, love and time, without them I would have nothing to write about.
They make me complete.

3 Responses to About Babefiend

  1. rubysaysthis says:

    How much do I love this blog? So much! So excited & happy for you Babefiend ❤ Look forward to reading more deliciousness on my screen. x

    • Babefiend says:

      Thank you beautiful girl.
      Thank you too for continuing to inspire me, for encouraging me and for helping me say wheat I mean to say when I’m trying to say it!
      I’m lucky to have you xx

  2. Molly says:

    Hello lovely lady… Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting and welcome to the sex blogging world. Now I can enjoy your beautiful images here as well as on Fet.


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