Dark Star, The Forty-Fourth Chapter – Fixing

Daddy leads me through the farmyard to unload the bags. The first sack contains a replacement dress, my old one was ruined during play time this morning because blood is so very difficult to shift, even though I rub until I’m sore.

Daddy chose me a new pretty dress and promised he’d make good use of the new red stained rags, he’s such a clever Daddy, letting nothing go to waste.

Medical goods are also piled into the boot to be unloaded, the antiseptic smell of the supplies excites me. Daddy’s fit them nicely around our treasure, all happily trussed up in the boot

I needed a new doll to play with here on the farm and now Daddy has found me a doll and she’s perfect. We got her at the market too. She was so keen to help me with the big boxes.
Daddy’s made me a new harness so I can learn to love her like he loves me.

We’ve bought her home to teach her the ways of Daddy. I will use her to make him proud.

I try to, at least.

I try really hard.

I thrust awkwardly against the girl’s backside. I’ve seen Daddy do it so many times I thought I’d know how but the harness slips around my hips and I can’t find a rhythm.

I smile at Daddy, trying to show appreciation for his gift to me. My defeated frustration must show through because he returns a frown.

“Thank you Daddy.” I try to cover up the difficulties and stroke his arm.

“What’s wrong Blade?” he asks with a thoughtful tone.

“It slips.” I answer honestly as he demands. “I don’t think I have it right.” My voice heavy with disappointment. I so want to show him how grateful I am. This specially dolly just for me and I can’t love her like Daddy does.

He nods and takes a closer look, guiding my hips back and forth with a big hand, watching as the harness slips about. I have no control over the angle and my thrusts are practically redundant. Even if the girl was wet I doubt I’d be able to force my way inside.

“It does slip.” He says with disappointment. “Not to worry little one,” his smile confident as he slips the harness down my thighs. “Daddy can fix this.”

I stoke the girls hair whilst we wait, pushing it away from her wet eyes. She’s being ever so quiet and well behaved, I can barely hear a whimper from underneath the special rubber mask Daddy gave her. It looks quite funny, blown up like a balloon inside her face.

She looks at me with pleading eyes, tugging at my generous heart. “I’m sorry…” I whisper “I will try to do better. I’ll try to take you like Daddy takes me… hard and with delicious pain. You want it like I want it. I know you do. Daddy says so.”

The thought of Daddy makes me drift into pleasurable memories of the night she came home from with us. Of how impressed she was with Daddy raining his love down on me, so much that she was lost for words, wide eyed and shaking, moved to tears that continued long into the night.

She shakes her head vigorously and sobs harder. I pang with guilt, “I know…” I say with soothing strokes… “I know you want it. Daddy will fix it and make it all better and then you can have it. Not long now…I’m sorry you have to wait, but this is my most important lesson and I want to get it right.”

I glance over to Daddy fixing the harness at his special bench. “See…” I gesture as he turns to face us, his work complete, “Daddy fixed!”

She must be very excited, the way she’s bucking under my hands. The smell of desperation seeps off her, it sparkles in her eyes. “I’ll use you good,” I promise, pulling her squirming body back towards me. “I’ll take you and show you I love you little dolly, just like Daddy loves me.”

Daddy holds the harness up to the light, checking it this way and that. There’s a smug satisfaction evident from his smile. Daddy’s pleased with his handiwork.

“Up!” he instructs, tapping one foot then the other to slide the harness onto me. I balance left, then right, patiently allowing Daddy to slide it up around my hips.

The nail studs that Daddy has fastened inside the harness dig into my pelvis. “Here you go, my darkling girl.” Daddy reassures me as he tightens first the modified waist belt, then the thigh straps. “This should stay nice and secure.”

It hurts.

That means Daddy loves me.


The belt digs in tight, like piercing teeth from repeated Daddy kisses in a rosy ring all around my hips. The last notch in the belt draws many little rivers of red from my delicate skin. The smell makes Daddy growl. He holds himself and pushes me towards the girl with the simple instruction: “Have another go.”

I enter her, trying to concentrate while the hot pain distracts me. This time the harness doesn’t slip, it very much stays in place, held fast by nails piercing my skin.

It hurts. I get wet. I want Daddy to be inside me.

Daddy pushes me forward and I thrust into her. I whimper at the piercing pain but force my way inside. I will make Daddy proud.

“I want you to really feel it as you take her. As you learn to love her. Feel it. Embrace it. Lose yourself in it.” With that Daddy forces my hips forwards and backwards making my new steel cock thrust deep into the sobbing girl’s cunt. The resistance pushes the nails deeper into my flesh, burying deep into the soft skin and releasing trickles of fresh red blood down my thighs.

“Good girl,” Daddy’s word spur me on. She must really be enjoying it because her cunt is gripping tight around my metal boy parts, I can feel the resistance, it pushes back against me with such sweet agony.

She’s so swollen against my thick cock. It only takes a few more strokes before she orgasms. Hard, wet and messily all over me.

“Well done Blade,” Daddy congratulates me.

I nod and smile through my tears, my Daddy’s pride the best anesthetic against the pain. It beams from him. It flows from him, like the blood flowing down my legs, blood my Daddy enthusiastically laps up as he helps me remove the harness, unhooking each of its barbs, drinking deep of my wounds.

“You’ve pleased me.” Daddy smiles, “Blade, you learnt your lesson so well… Sometimes love hurts my precious one. Sometimes it hurts for both of you. You must persevere until it feels right, until you find what works despite the pain.”

He gestures to my obedient dolly. “Look how well you loved her today and how pleased she is, shaking with pleasure.” Daddy must be right, Daddy is always right.

“I will teach you to control your beast Blade, to choose when and how to give the gift of love or the pleasure of pain. How to make those two collide. To own the beast, rather than have it own you.”

“Tomorrow we have a new lesson Blade. Daddy loves you in all your holes does he? You will learn to do the same, my clever girl.” He draws me into his arms and I surrender to his hold, to the wooziness I feel from the blood loss and to his words.

I am Daddy’s good girl, and sometimes love hurts.


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