Dark Star, The Forty-First Chapter – Tanning

The pelts hang satisfyingly off the wire line, freshly cut and cleaned from our catch. I hoist them up another foot or two to catch the last of the evening sun. The pale white skin glistens brightly in the red dusk. They will make beautiful dresses for my darling girl when they are finished tanning. The skins are ever so soft thanks to the young prey. The last of the three carcasses from our hunt lies on the makeshift workbench.

Packing up my tools, I take a moment to look over the valley. It really is beautifully quiet here in the hills; a welcome change from the never-ending cycle of towns and cities. I smile at the building that will be our home for the next few days, a crumbling stone cottage at the base of the hill.

The setting is idyllic and, were it possible, I would have liked to stay a while. Only the hunt is already getting harder with such a small pool of prey to gather. The population is so sparse out here compared to on the city edges where there are plenty to be plucked from the grey area between the buildings and the countryside beyond. That made for a rich hunting ground where the starving pick at the waste of the wealthy city dwellers within.

Cleaning off my blade on a rag, I weigh up the rewards of picking out the last remnants of meat that cling between the fragile bones. It’s hardly worth the effort of separating out the few scraps from the sinew and gristle. Satisfied with our lot already I decide to enjoy the rare evening with my girl and brush the jumble of messy bones aside. With a little shove the whole corpse is pushed over the edge of the worktop and into the water well it rests upon. I wait for the satisfying crack as the fresh skull collides and shatters against the growing pile of bones below. With a grunt I shove the ancient stone covering back over the well, sealing in the remains.

I hum an old tune to myself as I amble merrily down the hillside. A heavy bucket of fresh meat in one hand and my bag of tools in the other, I easily forget the hard times that came before. This is how life was meant to be.

Dreaming of what our life could be, if we stayed, I’m lost in a rarely afforded romantic haze. Just Blade and I, out here in the wilds. It’s a simple life and one I crave. Only I know we can’t. We wouldn’t last long before we would be forced to move on. We are always forced to move on. I feel a dark cloud roll in. Why must we always move on?

Quickly I distract myself and focus on the nearing cottage. Tonight I shall indulge my Blade, my dark princess.

In that moment I hear the shrieks and screams. They pierce my ears, well tuned to the sound. “Blade!” I gasp.

Dropping everything I bolt forwards into a fast run. “Blade!” I shout in fear. I hear her again, screaming. What is happening?

Hitting the door at full speed, I bounce back. Again, I square up and launch my shoulder into the old wood. A few times more I throw myself at it until it finally gives way and I crash into the single roomed house.

“No!” she cries out from the floor. “Wait! No!”

I can see the tears in her eyes. I can smell the fear.

“Daddy…!” Blade exclaims. She needs me.

The man, our pet, is loose and crouched above her. I see Blade’s white knickers in his fist.

I don’t speak. I just roar with anger.

“Please!” He jabbers at me, looking at his hand and dropping the evidence. “You don’t understand.”

“Animal!” I roar again and lunge forward. I have him in a few strides, picking him clean off the floor and pinning him against the hard stone wall. His shoulder cracks on impact.


“Please, sir…” His pathetic voice trails off under the pain. I press harder into his chest as he coughs up a few specks of blood. Sir? His words suggest he’s finally learning his lesson, if a little late.

“Filthy animal.” I growl at him. “You think you can have her while I’m not looking?” My accusation is met with whimpers as he tries to look away.

I grip his jaw tight and force it back to face me. “You thought you could rape my little girl?” My accusation makes him flinch, he seems to struggle to breathe.

“Daddy! Please!” Blade calls out to me between her sobs. “Please. No!”

“You did this to her.” My hand moves deftly from his chin to his neck. It’s so weak, I could crack it in an instant. “You failed.” I tighten ever so slightly, enough to force him to take a breath, which is met with instant agony. A bone clearly pierced his lungs. Good.

“How about,” I say with a smile, “I show you how it should be done.”

My fingers tighten on the veins in his neck, quickly turning his face red. The whites of his eyes wide before they flicker shut in fear.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you.” I snarl in his ear. “Filthy little animal.”

I slowly draw my free hand down his naked body. He has lost a lot of weight since I first picked him up. I like it. He’s better this way, more attractive. I let my fingers brush the bone of his hips. The response is immediate. He’s sensitive there. His cock has long since failed but I can feel the ripple of his muscle clench. It’s better when he clenches. Tighter.

I lift him an inch or two higher by the neck. The pressure clearly making him dizzy but not enough to make him pass out. His senses will be flickering in and out, hyper aware and then lost in a fuzzy haze.

I feel between his legs and the soft bare skin. Tracing back, I shove a finger roughly inside. He moans in discomfort. I feel myself get hard. “Good little beast.” I whisper mockingly. “Here’s the reward you’ve been begging for.”

Oxygen deprivation starts to kick in. He blinks in and out of consciousness. Focusing his eyes on me he smiles briefly, high from the effects. Then the real world shudders back into his mind and he grimaces in anguish.

I shove another finger inside of him. Grazing deep inside I force a trickle of blood to start rolling down my hand. Lubrication.

“You will take it.” I command before unzipping and releasing myself. I bring him down slowly and ease him onto my hard cock. The pain is evident as he weakly flails against me. I growl deep and push harder.

Each stroke takes away something from him. I see him lose the fight, the will to struggle. Each of my grunts force out his humanity. I watch him degrade into a whimpering animal.

“Filthy. Fucking. Animal.” I growl with anger.

I thrust faster and deeper. I feel myself begin to swell as I grunt heavily against his pale body. I feel my muscles ache as I lift him up and pull him down hard again and again. I use him like a meat sack, constantly tightening my grip on his neck until his face goes blue and I feel his muscles ripple and spasm around my shaft. I feel his life leave him and bring myself to the edge.

Panting I drop the corpse to the floor and return to my crying girl. She looks ashamed as I pull her up off the floor and into my arms.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone.” I say softly as I kiss her head.

“Daddy,” she sobs, “I just wanted to feel…” Her words trail off as she fails to find the words to describe how it happened. How he got free. How he must have overpowered her.

“He’s dead.” I reassure her.

Her sobs continue to be broken by odd words. “Feel… Inside… I wanted… He didn’t… It was my… I missed your…”

Moving her shaking hand down to my hard cock, I let her feel my passion, still dripping with his slick blood. “I saved my gift for you.” I smile lovingly at her. “My good girl.”

Instantly she relaxes in my arms and her fingers begin to caress and feel the sticky mess. “Oh Daddy.” Her words of love passing her soft lips that are quick to take me in and taste the rich iron.

My good girl, she did so well. I know she only wanted to please me. She must have been trying to do something good for me. She always wants to do something good for only me. I know she wants only me. Only me.

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