Dark Star, The Twenty-Sixth Chapter – Keeping

She’s small and soft and pretty. She’s a gift. A present from Daddy for doing so well. For helping him. I would have helped him anyway, of course, all it would have taken was a simple request “Be a good girl and help Daddy” and I would do anything. For him. Anything.

Daddy’s made her into a special friend for me; Daddy’s made it so she won’t cry like the others. She will smile and play with me like I play with Daddy. Whatever I choose, she will comply. He knows that sometimes, just sometimes, I don’t like it when they cry.

And they do cry a lot.


I like it when they bleed. When beautiful bruises blossom all over and show me how they’re learning, just as I learn. But some of them really do complain in the most ungrateful way, whinging and objecting. It confuses my feelings, my girl parts to get so wet at their anguish and yet this strange feeling in my chest almost pangs like empathy.

I used to complain a lot too, now I make angel noises and it makes Daddy so happy. He had to teach me and it took a long time. And he still gives me lessons, nearly every day but mostly I am his good girl, obedient and strong from previous Daddy lessons. He’s always trying to make me the best I can be.

My toys never last long enough to become good boys and girls, not really. They don’t learn in the way that I have. They don’t become their best before they’re broken. They break so easily.

I earned a star on my star chart and I used to ask for a compliant toy as a treat. Just this one time. Just one little time to just be gentle and that would be OK. As a special treat, to not have lessons but just play time, pleasurable play time. That’s all I wanted, to just not be confused, to not be torn between ‘Daddy’s cunt’ responding so beautifully and my silly sympathetic heart.

Daddy says it’s because I’m a sweet girl. He forgave me my weakness and confusion.  “This is a special treat Blade, this is not how we learn but you’ve been good so I will allow it just once.”

Perhaps if I teach her gently, she would become good like I have and then I could keep her and she could be my special girl? I whisper this thought inwards, quietly, secretly in my mind where Daddy could never hear it.

I like the way her eyes roll back slightly and her smile is plastered on, it stays even when her whole body sways.

I like the way her hands find my body and stroke it, little fingers squeezing gently in a rolling caress. She’s so eager to run her warm hands over me.

She looks delicious and tastes it too, hungry kisses finding my mouth, moving across my neck. Gentle teeth grazing on my collarbone,

I like the way she smells, so clean with a hint of vanilla. She clearly put a lot of effort into her appearance for the disco, Daddy helped her with her drinks. She likes to have a drink before she goes out, “To relax” she said. Daddy poured them for her and she did relax, ever so quickly.

I like the way she makes me feel with her touch, so different to Daddy, so delicate. Even pushed up against me and moving with rampant desire, she is so soft. When she can focus she looks deep into my eyes and she looks just so happily high on life. I do like this one, Daddy did so well.

I know I said it was just this one time but maybe I could keep her and show her softly how to be good and she would learn and she could be my special girl? That thought again, deeply whispered within.

Daddy’s watching us so intently, enjoying the way we move against each other laid out on the soft mattresses in the back of his van. He seems pleased. Maybe he’s thinking it secretly too. I hope, I want, I really want.

I like the way she’s so inviting, I don’t even have to restrain her to keep her hands out of the way, she pulls me towards her, opens up. Welcomes my eager fingers inside, responds with beautiful noises. Singing of the pleasure I’m giving her with my hands, working inside her like Daddy does to me but without even a hint of violence. No need for coercion. Warm and inviting I feel her start to pulse against me.

This is new.

I feel powerful, moving my hand inside of her, building her to an explosive crescendo. Back arched, mouth open, she grips hold of me with passion instead of fear, there’s no horror in her eyes, only gratitude as she pants “Thank you”. Releasing a warm wet jet over my fingers.

Her kisses pull me in towards her, open mouthed, her tongue finds mine and I lose myself, heat radiating from my own girl parts. Locked in position I move myself against her, legs entwined, hips rolling, grinding against each other, warm and wet, with pressure that’s soft but just firm enough. Firm enough to feel myself building.

This IS new.

My awarded star earned me a special treat but maybe she could keep being my special treat and then I could do this again. I would like to do it again… and again…and again and if Daddy let me then I could teach her but actually she’s quite good already and she wouldn’t take much to be ever such a good girl. A good girl like me.

Perhaps Daddy will see how she makes me feel and maybe she could stay? I know I didn’t ask for a special girl. I only asked for a compliant toy, just one time, but Daddy wants to make me happy, so maybe….just maybe.

I look up at Daddy and smile. The strange taste in the girl’s mouth makes my tongue tingle. I lick my lips and smile at my perfect shining Daddy, lit by the warm orange glow of the street lamps outside. He smiles back at me. Maybe he will want to keep her if I show him how much she can please me.

Her hands find my neck and they pull me down to her hot lips. Our mouths join in special grown up kisses and her tongue slips beautifully into my mouth. I grind against her leg, wet through my panties.

She giggles with a lazy wink and fumbles for my girl parts. I ease her search and slide her trembling fingers under the damp cloth. She plays with me. Different to how Daddy plays. Soft strokes and gentle pinches. A tension builds inside of me. I kiss her deeply and explode wet all over her hand.

The power of my pleasure overcomes the girl and she slumps back asleep.

I beam at Daddy with bubbling excitement and gratitude. “Thank you Daddy,” I praise him as I should. I praise him as I crawl over the girl to his feet, repeating the words “Thank you, thank you!

Enough.” Daddy says firmly. “You earned your treat. You need only thank me once.

Yes Daddy.” I say, remembering my lessons on being too emotional.

Good girl.” He praises me softly. “Now let’s go home. I am tired.”

Yes Daddy.” I repeat my words of obedience and start to pack up the van.

Blade.” He calls my attention as I close the doors. “You have forgotten something.”

He speaks of my new precious toy. The girl who slumbers softly on the mattress.

I thought…. I might like to keep her.” I say sweetly and gently with persuasive tone. “She could be a good girl like me. Like I am for you.

Daddy’s face changes in an instant. “You thought…

You chose her for me Daddy and you chose so well.” I say, pleading a little. “I thought...”

My words trail off at the sight of Daddy’s head tilt. That look that tells me a lesson is coming.

Fine.” His words filled with disappointment. “You can bring her home.” Stepping over into the driver’s seat he calls back without looking. “Be careful what you wish for Blade.”

I’m thrown back on to the floor as he drives away with more speed than normal. Lying and stroking the little princess’s face, I can’t shake the feeling Daddy planted deep inside of me.

You will be a good girl for me?” I ask the girl. “You will be a good girl like I show you, won’t you?” No reply comes from her drooling mouth.

Never mind, you’re really quite good already.” I say patting her soft face, my words as much reassurance to me as they are to her. “You’ve been just wonderful tonight, I know you’ll make me proud, won’t you? I can be your mummy and you can be my special girl and you’ll make me happy and proud and maybe we can be a little family. Daddy will see…won’t he?

The sleeping girl doesn’t hear the question in my tone, how my voice wobbles. I slip my hand into hers, entwining our fingers. I focus on how they link together beautifully. I focus on that and ignore the doubt creeping into my mind. It battles against the spark of hope, the exciting possibility that she will always be mine and we can play and pleasure each other and Daddy will be happy because I’m happy.

I relax, snuggle against her warm body and let myself feel the joyful excitement at having got my own way. I got to keep her, just as I wanted. I don’t need to be careful, why do I need to be careful? I have exactly what I’ve wished for.

When we get home, Daddy opens the back of the van and drags her roughly off the mattress. I want to tell him to be careful with my new little girl but I dare not say a word.

Daddy reads my mind. “Don’t go soft on me.

I shake my head instinctively and quickly follow his lead into the house. Daddy chains her around the ankles with the heavy irons. He doesn’t put her in the playroom, instead he chains her to the radiator on my side of the bed. So she doesn’t get in his way.

I will make her a good girl.” I promise. My voice doesn’t even falter. I want this.

Will you?” the doubt in his voice cuts. “Then show me.” Daddy has his serious face on. “Fail and I will teach you what happens to little girls that lie.

Yes Daddy.” The words come as second nature. Not the words I want to say but the only ones I know how to say.


When she wakes up later her eyes focus more quickly on me. “Hello.” I say brightly, excited to see my new playmate awake again. I remove the sodden gag from her mouth, dripping with her drool.

Where am I?” her words come out rough and slurred. She didn’t speak before. I liked that better. I liked her mouth quiet, smiling wide and dumb, not downturned like it is now.

Shhh.” I quieten her with a finger to her lips. “Good girls are quiet for mummy.

Her eyes look at me with a stupid stare. “That’s better.” I confirm “You will be a good babygirl for mummy.” I nod with authority, hoping to channel Daddy, using his words to gain the same obedience from the girl that he demands from me.

Who’s mummy?” She asks me with a bitter taste in her mouth by the looks of her screwed up face.

I am.” I instruct her. “And you are my good girl. Now don’t screw up your face like that. Smile like a grateful girl. You were so happy before. Where’s my happy girl?” I stroke her hair and try to coax out the girl I met in the back of the van.

Who are you?” her stupid sloppy words annoy me.

Shh.” I repeat softly. “I’m your new mummy and you are my special girl. You were so good for me I wanted to keep you. Be a good quiet girl now and we can have grown up play times again.” I guide her hands to my special place. “See? Like this.”

Her touch is different this time. Her hand struggles free and the look of horror on her face is just like all the others.

Fuck off, you sick bitch!” She spits at me as she slaps me hard across the face.

Silly girl.” I feel the beast rising. “Daddy hits me much harder than that.” I return the favour and watch as the stars spin in her vision.

Now be a good girl and make mummy happy. You did it before. You will do it now. I know you know how and you liked it.” I grip her wrist tightly this time and try to make her play with me. But the silly girl won’t. She struggles and complains and resists and screams swears at me.


I can’t hold it back. The beast inside. Each swear goading the creature that lurks in the darkness. I try to stay calm like Daddy. I try to teach her. But she won’t listen anymore. She’s not being good, not at all. I cry with pained disappointment as the beast takes over.

Daddy gently shakes me awake. I’m covered in her blood. Her neck snapped awkwardly as her head lies floppy against her back.

She was your treat for one star.” Daddy tells me flatly. “A treat and not for keeping. I told you this Blade. I said ‘just once’.

Daddy knows best.

Yes Daddy.” I sob gently. I just wanted to make her a good girl like me. I wanted to love her like Daddy loves me. “I was going to teach her. Like you do for me.

He nods quietly.

I’m sorry. I understand now.” I say gently, trying to put her head back on. It won’t stay. There’s so much blood. She’s very broken.

I don’t think you do.” Daddy’s words are soft. I know before he says it. I know what’s coming next.

It’s time for your lesson.”


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