Dark Star, The Seventeenth Chapter – Training

Daddy!” I shout down the hall, surprised by the knock on the front door. “Daddy! There’s someone here!

Bounding in and up to the new heavy oak door, Daddy barks at them, “Who’s there?”

Rex,” a timid voice comes from the other side. “Is this the house of…

Yes.” Daddy cuts him off short as he opens the door. “Yes it is.” He beams at the small man who stands uneasily on our doorstep.

Who is it Daddy?” I ask with a mix of excitement and nerves, peeking out from behind his back. We don’t ever have guests. Not people that come here on their own. We always go out a get them ourselves and bring them home. Who is this man?

Daddy turns to me, grinning. Not a fake smile but one of real excitement; I can see it in his eyes. “This, my little one… is Rex.” he says wrapping his arm around the man’s shoulder and sweeping him inside, sealing the door shut behind him.

Rex?” I ask confused. Should I know Rex?

Yes.” The man confirms. “I’m the… errr…” He struggles to find his words.

I forget my manners!” Daddy continues on, guiding Rex to a seat at the kitchen table. “Let me introduce my girl. This is Blade.” he gestures towards me.

Immediately I leap to my feet and curtsey. Good girls curtsey.

And precious,” he smiles at me deviantly, “this is our new puppy, Rex.” A big smile deep-set in Daddy’s face.

In an instant his face becomes familiar. My eyes grow wide with excitement. “Oh Daddy! A doggy! A doggy for me!?” Clapping my hands together with glee I can’t contain myself.

Ruff.” Rex offers nervously.

Daddy and me laugh. We laugh with such delight. A puppy for me. A puppy has come and Daddy got it for me. Just for me. A puppy to play with.

Oh there’s a good pouchie wouchie.” I say slathering him in strokes and kisses.

The man laughs and begins to relax.

He’s just a little puppy,” Daddy says while preparing us some tea on the stove, “we’re the first people he’s ever been a puppy for

Rex nods enthusiastically.

He’s fresh…?” My question cut short by a kiss from Daddy on the lips.

Yes little one.” Daddy says with a knowing smile. “And we’re going to help him along and show him how to be a very good puppy so he can make lots of new friends.”

My eyebrows furrow a little. “He wants more friends?Why would he want more friends? Daddy and me are the bestest people in all the world. We’re the only friends he’ll ever need. The only friends he should ever want. The only friends he shall ever have.

He does.” Daddy strokes my hair as I stroke the puppy. “But first we will teach him. Can’t have him going out and making a fool of himself can we?” I feel Rex gulp under my hand.

Oh no. Not at all!” I chime in, realising Daddy’s game. “Then all the boys and girls will laugh at you and not be your friend. You seem such a nice little puppy. You don’t want that do you?” He laughs nervously as I tickle under his chin.

Lesson one.” Daddy begins with an unexpectedly light tone. “Puppies don’t laugh. What do they do my Blade?

The go ‘woof!’ and ‘ruff!’ and pant and ‘grrr!’ and ‘ooooooooooooowwwwww!’ like a little wolf.” I offer up enthusiastically.

Very good!” Daddy says approvingly as he strokes my face with his big rough hand. “Why don’t you give it a try Rex?

The man tries his best to bark and growl and pant and howl. It’s not very good. But he is very new. Daddy will teach him. Daddy and me…and he will learn like a good puppy.

Good boy.” Daddy offers up a small reward for his effort. “And what other noises do they make? When they’ve been bad.

Oh! Oh!” I squeak eagerly thrusting my arm in the air, desperate to be picked to give the answer and show Daddy what a clever girl I am for him. “I know!

Go on then.” Daddy offers me the chance while Rex looks at us both a bit bewildered, still trying to take in the world he’s just stepped into.

They go ‘yip’ and ‘erruff’ and ‘yeeeoooooooooooooow!’” miming the hurt animal faces as I make all the sounds. The last one is my favourite.

Well done.” Daddy rewards me with his words. “Exactly right. Now remember that Rex,” Daddy speaks directly to Rex now. “Lesson two: bad doggies must be punished.”

Rex moves a little uncertainly in his seat and goes to stand. “Oh, I’m not sure…

Daddy’s hand lands firmly on the man’s palm and holds it down on the table. “Don’t worry. It’s only for fun.” He adds with a subtle cutting tone.

For fun?” The man repeats like a stupid parrot.

Yes.” I add to reassure. “Just for fun.

He seeks some comfort by looking into my face. Stupid fool.

Now remember,” I say with a mock telling off, “…puppies only may puppy sounds. You’re going to be a good puppy aren’t you?

He nods, feeling more at ease again.

And they don’t sit on chairs!” Daddy takes Rex by surprise by sweeping him out of the chair and placing him on the floor. The action makes Rex land roughly on all fours. “They bounce around on all four of their paws.”

I squeal with excitement and drop to the floor with Rex to feign being a puppy too.

We play in the kitchen for a while. Daddy and I have our morning tea while Rex drinks his water from a big steel bowl like a good doggy.

Rex isn’t natural at being a puppy at first but we encourage him and give him lots of lessons that are all very soft and gentle. Daddy says we should be nice so we can train him up good. Then we can have our fun.

I can’t wait.

The days slip past as we play with Rex in the garden and about the house. Daddy made him a big doggie bed in the kitchen by the stove. At first Rex didn’t seem all that happy with Daddy’s gift but a few sharp taps on the snout from Daddy remind him how grateful doggies should be.

Doggies should always love their master and wait patiently at the door while they are gone.

Good Rex!” Daddy’s voice booms from the front door as he returns home. I hear him from my bedroom and come racing into the kitchen to meet him.

Daddy! You’re home!” I call out with excitement, diving into his embrace and covering him in kisses. “Was it fun? Did you go into town? What did you see?” I fire a barrage of questions at him, impatient to know about our new town, subtly checking his hands for any tell-tale traces of blood.

He silences me with a deep kiss. “It was,” he thinks for a moment, “…productive.

Oh goodie!” I continue on babbling at him, “I’ve been good too. I went to our room and did some drawing and read my book and plaited my hair and I did really hard at trying to practice my letters some more and…” My list of activities rolls on as Daddy puts me down and goes about settling back into being home.

Rex waits patiently by the door for his pats from Daddy. Eventually Daddy sits at the table and calls him over. “Here Rex.

Rex bounds over, a smile on his face. He’s been ever so spoiled these last few days.

You two little lady.” He says, pulling me on to his knee.

Reaching round to the table he pulls over a big bag. “I have collected the last part of your training Rex.”

Rex ruffs with excitement.

I will need a few hours to finish it… but you will finish tonight.” He says with certainty.

Tonight?” I ask, a mixture of anticipation and also sadness. I liked having a doggy. Rex was really very good. He tried so hard to be good.

I bury my fingers into the long fur at the scruff of Rex’s neck and grasp firmly, I don’t want to let him go. Rex whimpers but doesn’t move. He has learned well.

Yes.” Daddy says to me now, firmly. “Tonight we finish Rex.” Pausing for a moment, “We finish his training.

Yes Daddy.”

Rex pants at us, happy to have done so well. He even wags his tail.

Good doggy,” I say, stroking his head. “You really were a good doggy.”

Rex and I go and play in the garden while Daddy works inside. We play until it’s dark and we are both so exhausted from fetch. Crawling in, I slump on the table and Rex in his bed.

It’s time.” Daddy calls from the new playroom. Rex has never been allowed in the playroom. It’s not for dogs.

Yes Daddy.” I answer back, tiredness in my voice. Rex looks up confused.

Come here.” He calls again, “Come to Daddy.”

We both leap into action and scurry through. Rex is awestruck as he crawls into the room. Daddy has been busy. I look at the new toys on racks on the walls and the floor has been stripped down to bare wood again. I look at the new metal cage in the corner and a bench I don’t understand.

Rex doesn’t see these things. He just sees the face of a puppy looking back at him. A thick, tough leather mask and paws and tail. Daddy will make him into a real doggy, just like he wanted.

Rex stares at it. The metal studs gleaming in the firelight.

Rex.” Daddy says calmly. “Here is your new fur.”

I look at the crude, hand crafted ears and tie on tail Rex made for himself. It’s pathetic compared to Daddy’s work.

“It’s… beautiful” I say, caressing the supple leather. I feel in the hood and my fingers recoil at the prick of a small cold spike. The hood is lined inside with many metal studs.

It’s fitting.” Daddy says flatly.

At first, Rex doesn’t notice anything is amiss as Daddy puts on the paws and hood. He doesn’t notice the spikes until he’s strapped in. Firmly, Daddy grips Rex by the neck and with his free hand, tightens the hood around his head.

Rex yelps immediately.

Shush now. Be a good boy.” Daddy says with none of the softness he’s been putting on these last few days.

I beam at him. My Daddy is back. The clench in my girl parts that responds to his authority overrides any sadness I feel for Rex.

Rex struggles and tries his best with his puppy noises to explain he’s in pain. Daddy only tightens the straps.

I can’t see.” Rex tries to say, muffled and gagged by the hood. “It hurts.

Daddy’s blow to the head is immediate and heavy which sends Rex tumbling to the floor. “Puppies don’t talk.”

Ignoring Rex’s continuing complaints, Daddy tightens his paw mitts. Lined with the same studs. “To keep it secure.” Daddy jokes with me. We laugh and growl together as Daddy finishes his work.

Taking a knife from the rack he strips Rex of his people clothes. “Doggies don’t wear clothes.” I say, taunting Rex. I get right up to his nose and stroke his soft puppy face. “There there, be a good boy and don’t struggle. You wouldn’t want Daddy to slip.”

I glance up at Daddy to see him adjusting Rex’s new tail. “Daddy is nearly done. All you need is a tail and you’ll be a perfect little pooch.”

We both let out a loud growl in harmony as the smell of Rex’s blood hits us. Red tears dripping from his puppy eyes and mouth, pooling around his collar and wrists.

Good boy.” Daddy says as he grips hold of Rex’s haunch and starts to drive the metal plug inside. The tail is firmly affixed to the large cold bulb, it flows out from under Daddy’s hand, luxurious black fur, dark as the night. It’s beautiful. I wonder what it would be like to wear one; to wag my tail and show Daddy how happy I am right now.

The howl is deafening and Rex struggles to be free.

Quiet!” Daddy bellows, “Don’t be an ungrateful bitch-boy

Rex ignores his command and struggles harder. Bad puppy.

I hear Daddy’s growl change. Rex’s bad behaviour has awoken the Dark Dog within.

Be still,” I say, urging Rex to behave. “Be still.” This pathetic puppy is no match for my Dark Daddy-dog, he doesn’t want to bait him.

It’s too late. Daddy casts the tail aside and strips himself bare. He lands down on all fours, snarling viciously at the tiny puppy limping across the room in a vain attempt to escape.

Maybe you need a little loosening up before you are ready to take the tail.” Daddy manages to get out a few last words before Dark Dog takes over and bounds across the playroom.

Lunging and grappling Rex to the floor Dark Dog bites down hard on his neck. He uses this to hold him in place while he thrusts inside, tearing flesh as he penetrates the virgin man. Rex lets out a pained cry which is lost beneath the ferocious growls and grunts of Dark Dog as he relentlessly hammers into him.

Unable to control myself I slip my fingers into my pants and dig my nails hard into my special place. The sense of pleasure and pain is exquisite and made perfect by the feeling of my juices and freshly drawn blood dripping down my thigh.

Dark Star - Training-

I touch myself to the sight of Dark Dog and Rex playing in my playroom; playing like doggies do. Dark Dog rampant, with single minded focus to have the small man, to take him, to teach him, to rape him.

At last Daddy withdraws and stands. He saved his treat for me and I take it thirstily. Licking his cock clean of the bloody mess Rex left behind.

What a good doggy he is. A good doggy for me. My doggy.

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