Dark Star, The Fourteenth Chapter – Luring

“Come and play pretty boy. Come and be my new friend. I’ll show you some special tricks. I’ll show you my special parts if you show me yours.”

Daddy let me out today. To go play in the park. He says I’ve learned so much that I can be a big girl and play with the big kids. As long as I bring a friend home to play…

This time I managed to stammer some words out loud.

Nearly the ones I practised in my head, nearly.
They’re enough to catch his attention at least.

“Hello…would you like to be friends?” I venture, smiling hopefully.

He rocks back onto his heels and looks at me. Being the focus of his grey-blue eyes makes me flush pink. “Well…. I think I might like that very much”

He reaches out to pinch my blushing cheek. “Aren’t you just the cutest?!”

I melt at the warmth of his touch, the familiarity of his words. He thinks I’m cute? I twirl a finger into my pigtail without conscious thought.

He thinks I’m cute.

I think he’s cute too, soft boyish features with curly blonde hair tucked under a cap. I wonder what his pain face looks like.

He seems friendly, leading me into conversation with easy small talk “So what brings you to the park today?”

“My Daddy said I can go and play with the big kids today.” I tell him proudly. “I can chose a friend and bring them home to play” I wonder how his blood tastes.

“Wow.” He says, accepting my explanation, “well that’s cool, and are you having fun?”

I tell him “Yes!” and excitedly relay my adventures “and then I went on the slide and there was a doggy and it was on a lead and it sniffed my hand and its nose was allllll wet” I keep my smile wide and bright to match the selected truths of the story shared.

I don’t tell him that I wanted to steal the dog, to lead him away, take the doggy to my Daddy to make a new coat. I don’t tell him because these are my secret dark thoughts; I keep them quiet, like how right now I’m working out how many kicks to the face it would take before his nose exploded in glorious claret across his freckled cheeks.

“Aww, a doggy?” he says with enthusiasm “Did you make a new friend?” flashing me an encouraging smile to go with the thumbs up. I want to remove his perfect teeth one by one and drink the blood from his deformed mouth.

“Yeah…” I giggle “I liked the doggy. He was nice.”

This boy’s nice too. “Shall we…?” he says, taking my hand and leading me over to the roundabout. We sit down on it, close together and he gently pushes us off using his foot.

It moves in lazy circles giving us a 360 degree view of the park, it’s quiet today, despite the sunshine; just a few dog walkers, a pair of chattering mummies with babies in buggies and, in the distance, a group of teenagers discretely emitting thin curls of smoke from within their tight circle. No one pays us any mind.

Spin, spin, draw him in….

Dark Star - Luring-0151

“So what do you like to do for fun?” His question is innocently delivered.

Break beautiful things, make them scream, drink them clean.

“I like parks, playing in the sunshine and days out with my Daddy” innocence reflected in my answer. Not that he’s listening, his attention caught by my summer skirt, riding high on my bare thighs.

“What about you?” my inquisitive mind torn between wanting the truth and hoping he lies.

Putting my filthy cock into innocent girls, fucking them raw.

A flash of guilt suggests my suspicion is justified but he recovers well “You know, just chilling, riding my bike, hanging with friends.” A shrug accompanies his apparent nonchalance but I feel his excitement at sitting so close to me, my strap oh so casually slipping off to expose my shoulder.

His hungry eyes follow it down, subconsciously licking his lips.

How amusing, he thinks I’m HIS prey. Silly boy.

I slip my hand into his, feeling it clammy against my skin and shift position, legs slightly parted.

Spin, spin, draw him in….

“Would you like to play a game?” I flutter my eyelashes and arch my back, the overt show of sexuality at odds with the naive suggestion. He double takes, turning his head slightly and narrowing his eyes trying to decipher the deliberate ambiguity.

Come play pretty boy, heads I win, tails you lose. Either way you’re going to bleed.

He stumbles over how to respond, slowing his speech to draw more from me “Ummm….sure. Tell me more cutie-pie”. He can’t suppress a filthy grin. It speaks to me, screaming of entitlement, Filthy whore, I’m going to fuck her silly, she wants it and I’m going to give it to her.

“If I show you mine, you can show me yours. It’s a fun game. Wanna play?” I let my legs fall gently apart; just enough to show my white cotton panties, the ones Daddy helped me choose. These ones are clean… they so rarely stay clean.

He visibly perspires “But people will see!” he objects, eyes darting around for evidence. The excitement barely concealed in his words takes some weight out of the argument.

I skid us to a halt with my foot. We have our backs to the handful of people in the park. The only thing in front of us is a clear empty field and a sunny sky. No one can see.

“It’s OK. They can’t see from here. Now it’s our little secret. I promise” I squeeze his hand as encouragement.

“Our little secret?” he echoes back to me.

“Of course. Just like I have with my Daddy”

“With your Daddy?”

“Yes, with my Daddy. I make him happy. We have special secrets that I don’t tell anyone else because they wouldn’t understand.”

“They wouldn’t understand so you don’t tell?”

“Yes. I keep it a secret” I try not to show my impatience with having my own words parroted back to me. I smile sweetly. I want to bite out his tongue.

Spin, spin… draw him in…

Dark Star - Luring-0152

He doesn’t reply. The boy is analysing, picking apart my confession. He stinks of pre-cum and attempted manipulation. I want to rip his lips from his face and eat them in front of him. Never more than when he starts to speak, when he shows how he thinks he’s stumbled upon an easy target.

“Ok then baby, we can have a secret too” he winks at me. I want to tear off his eyelid with my nails. “Does your Daddy like your little secret?” he asks, I nod coyly and gently move his hand onto my leg. I release his fingers which start to make warm stroking circles against my thigh. I want to hear him scream as I break each bone in his creeping hand.

“And are you a good girl for him?” I continue to nod, biting my lip as his fingers find the edge of my panties.

“Will you be a good girl for me?” I confirm yes with an encouraging smile and dip of my head, gently gasping as his fingertips slide inside my underwear.

The way he touches me is unfamiliar, feathery stroking in a way that almost tickles. I resist screwing up my nose to show my disdain. Daddy doesn’t do it like that. I want to sink my teeth into the bony parts of his hand and hear it crunch. I want to chew on sinewy flesh washed down with warm blood.

My dark urges fight against my resolve. I want to hurt the boy but I must wait. I will wait. I must bring him home to Daddy. He’s hooked now, excited, like a puppy straining at the leash to be walked.

With incredible restraint I glide out from under his grasp and stand in front of him, hand held out. “Come on… you can take me home. We can keep playing our game. I want to see your special parts too. Maybe I can kiss it like I do for Daddy. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” His turn to nod now, dumbly, practically drooling.

I ignore the way he smells his fingers as he stands. I ignore how it makes me want to stamp repeatedly on his soiled fingers until they’re mush under my heels. I ignore the way he looks at me, salivating for girl-meat. I ignore how it makes me want to claw out his eyeballs.

I ignore it all because I am a good girl. I lead the boy away from the roundabout and towards my Daddy, waiting in the car park. Waiting to give the boy a lesson.

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