Dark Star, The Fifth Chapter – Hiding

The officer burst through the door with a deafening crash. Daddy was on his feet before I realised anything was happening. Leaping up from our passionate embrace to the playroom door in a heartbeat.

Daddy’s lightning reactions have a two pronged effect, an awed feeling of security in his protection and a startling fear. His response signals danger.

Darling. Be a good girl and hide in the big boys’ box.” He speaks with kind words but his tone is hard. Daddy means it.

I scramble to the coffin and slip inside. Before I realise what he’s doing Daddy is standing over me. “Shhh babygirl,” He whispers in urgency, “don’t make a noise now. Stay very still.”

He can see the fear in my eyes. “Don’t worry sweetling. It’s just a grown ups game of hide and seek.” His words become almost inaudible as he closes the airtight casket. Locking me in. Closing me into the absolute darkness. The place where my monsters hide.

Disorientated I squeeze my eyes tight against the blackness and press my clammy hands into the sides. The wood’s rough under my skin but it gives me something to focus on, something to stop the dark engulfing me.

Oh Daddy, I’m so scared, I’m so scared” I whisper. He can’t hear me. What if he leaves me here and doesn’t save me? Who was that man, why was in a uniform and how did he get in?

I’m panting, sweat soaking through my clothes and plastering hair to my face. The man interrupted our playtime, I’m still slick with arousal and it fills my nostrils. Daddy’s special kisses broke the skin this time and each ring of love prickles painfully in the heat of the sealed box.

Shallow breaths drain the oxygen quickly; the fear coursing through my veins is too strong to combat, too much to fight against. It’s making me woozy, it’s making it too easy for the monsters to come out from hiding and invade my mind.

Naughty naughty bad girl…” they sing, “Bad Blade, not good enough. Bad Blade didn’t earn his love. Bad Blade all forgotten. Bad Blade dead and rotting….”

No, no, no….” I whimper, barely a whisper “I’m sorry Daddy, I’ll be better. I want to be a good girl….” But it’s no use, there’s no air left….the world closes in…


Through the haze, as I come back to consciousness, I hear them.

There’s Daddy’s voice.

Daddy’s worst shouting voice, the one that makes me cower.

Oh I’m so sorry Daddy. I’ll be better Daddy.What did I do to make him so angry?

Whispered instinctive apologies go unanswered..

Wait. There’s a man and he’s shouting too. Shouting at my Daddy. His words vibrate with his anger. It brings everything flooding back, shattering through the confusion in a cold rush of realisation.

You sick fucking animal. What did you do to her? Where is she? I know you had her.”

You don’t know what you’re talking about. You need to leave my house. Now” Daddy’s threatening growl makes my special parts clench.

Your house? Is this your house?! What the fuck have you been doing here? Is this blood?! It’s covered in blood! You’re fucked up…you and that girl.”

He means me. My heart pounds.

I’ve seen you together. Using her to talk to people. Is that how you lured her in? You’re in so much trouble, this isn’t right. ”

Cautiously I push at the split wood, increasing the cracked hole. That wasn’t there before. I peer through, pushing gently at the splintered wood. Grateful for the air now filling my lungs.

Our special box is broken. I don’t have time to be sad. Not now, not when the man is still shouting at my Daddy. Nose to nose they fire threats back and forth. They’ve been fighting, the room in complete disarray.

My toys! They’re everywhere, strewn, broken. My Daddy!! He’s bleeding. Oh Daddy.

He doesn’t seem to notice, still screaming at the man. “Don’t you dare fucking threaten me. No one comes between me and my babygirl. She’s mine. You won’t touch her. Don’t push me, you don’t know what I’d do to protect her.”

You took my girl, you cunt. I know you did. You took her. What the fuck did you do to her? Is this her blood? You sick, sick fucker. I’ll show you how it feels. Where is your little bitch?”

He means me. His threat makes my stomach churn with fear.

My Daddy isn’t scared though, he’s not scared and he’s not backing down.

I will not tolerate your threats. I will end you. You stay away from me and my girl! Get. Out. Now.” Daddy pushes him but the man stands solid.

I’ll tell everyone what’s going on here. They’ll lock you up forever and take your little bitch away. Then you can’t protect her? Can you?”

His words enrage Daddy, a fire blazes behind his eyes, it drives him physically, powering the pure brutality unleashed to break the bad man. To stop his threats. To kill him dead.

I watch him, my beautiful beast of a Daddy. I watch him and I feel the heat within me too. Fired by the strength in his fury; the power in his wrath. I watch him demolish the evil intruder to our happy home and I can’t help but touch myself.

I thrust my fingers inside and pound to mirror his passion, the passion of a man protecting his babygirl. And as the man takes his final gasp I mirror that too, a gasping shudder of an orgasm that echoes around the coffin. The sound catches Daddy’s attention, whipping his head around to the source of the noise, our eyes meet, his are still consumed with a beast, a primal protector.

Both panting in the aftermath, we keep locked eye to eye as our breathing begins to slow. A post storm quiet fills the room but it doesn’t fill my Daddy, the beast still burns brightly, his eyes aflame as he moves with purpose towards the coffin, ripping the splintered wood apart to pull me into arms, sinking his teeth into my soft neck. Safe once again.

Hiding (1)

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