Storyboard – Make Me Pretty

Good girls get what they ask for from their Daddies and their sister.

Inspired by artistic images on Fetlife I asked…and I did indeed receive.

Staples for the littlest pup. The pain, the collaboration, the way my cunt ached….How my Daddy took me afterwards.

Did I cum because the staples ripped out or did they rip out because I came?

Rainbow methodically plotting the placement….

Here….and there….

Daddy lined them up, all pretty in a row. The pinch of the punctured skin making me squirm and whimper.

Hold still…..


Tugging and pulling…but staying still, good girl.


My appreciation.

It rattled against the metal, almost too much to bear…but it got me ready, more than ready…

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One Response to Storyboard – Make Me Pretty

  1. M says:

    I adore your pain

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