They are the moments I crave. Rare, precious and divine. The bearers of hotness blurs, of fractured bliss without logical linear order, without analysis, without fear. Safety in the freefall. Letting go.

They are not planned, cannot be forced, are completely immersive and cannot be recreated. Unique to that second, in that space and time, unique to us, individuals joined together in creating something special. Something fleeting, born of connection, chemistry, aligned intentions and a fire that tells you you’re alive.

Where the world stops and time is irrelevant. Pressures, stresses and concerns have no place. Thinking isn’t required, pure animal instinct takes over. Driven by a primal urge, a melding of minds towards a mutual goal; to have each other.

Communication is stripped back to growls, whimpers and simultaneous breathing, panting. Inhaling and exhaling as one. Our eyes locked into each other until all I see is you. All I feel is contained in the now. Arousal, passion, desire combined together to over-ride conscious thought.

Like a drug high, endorphins firing at the highest level. My focus is singular, it is not on me, or you, or what comes next, what has been or what could be. My sole focus is us, the mutual pleasure being derived at this split second, and then the next. Solely tuned into being, an extreme consuming mindfulness.

What exists externally has no impact; sounds, colours, distractions, heat, cold, noise, they melt away. I can feel all there is to feel; it’s connected with me, skin to skin. There is no here, we could be anywhere, there is only the now. It has captured me, and I am happily lost.

Captured Blog

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