Say Thank You

You did that to me” he grasps his hard cock through the fabric of his trousers and looks at me accusingly.

There’s a slight pout with my blush, I can think of worse crimes. I thought they would be innocent kisses but our cuddle on the sofa had turned more heated.
Gentle brushes of the lips that had turned to bites. Warm hands on me that had slid between my thighs, making me buck, arching my back to push into the pressure of his fingers, my breathing becoming heavy.

He’d touched me, my body just fired in response, receptive to his attention, craving and wanting more.

Now, between his damning words and undeniable erection it was clear how my rampant reactions had affected him. He was showing Daddy what a bad girl I’d been.

Daddy had only left the room to have a shower and in that time his babygirl had shown herself to be a lustful little whore.

I keep my gaze down, flicking my eyes up only briefly up to meet Daddy’s; to determine what kind of trouble I’m in. He’s still wrapped in a towel, fresh from the shower. He attempts to look stern but his barely hidden smirk is amplified by the mischief in his eyes.

Very deliberately and calmly Daddy asks me a question “That’s a compliment, isn’t it?”

I nod furiously to confirm yes, yes it is. I look to each of them with pleading eyes. I was trying to be a good girl; surely the bulge straining hard against Lien’s trousers is an endorsement of that.

Say thank you to Uncle Lien. Do you know how you say thank you?”

I wrinkle up my nose and eye Daddy suspiciously, unsure of where this line of questioning is going. I falter on how to answer, looking to each of them for a steer. They have a matching hunger in their expressions, I feel like I’m being lured into a trap. Very willing ensnared.

Ummm…’thank you’?” I proffer.

How else do you say thank you Little Star?”

With kisses and cuddles?” more certain of my response this time, gently pushing to see if this is leading where I suspect it may.

And where do you kiss people to say thank you?”

I squirm. “Where ever they want

Well go on then…” Daddy’s encouraging words are matched by Lien’s actions, freeing himself from his clothes to give me access.

I pull myself to kneeling on the sofa so I can bend forward and give Lien my promised kisses. So I can say thank you like a good girl. Bringing my face down into Lien’s lap my behind is exposed to Daddy. He’s watching us to make sure I do as I’ve been told and that I please him, that I please them both.


I liberally smatter little sloppy kisses before giving them a questioning look; is this what Daddy means? Am I being good?  I receive the supportive nods and encouraging smiles I’d hoped for, practically bouncing with glee as I take Lien’s hard cock in my mouth. I work him with my lips, gently sucking and reaching in between his legs to stroke, moving my hands and mouth in a slow combined rhythm.

My enthusiastic noises increase in volume when I feel Daddy’s hands on me. Sliding underneath my pink tutu and slipping my panties down. I lift one leg then the other so he can remove them completely, never breaking my rhythm, not stopping in my gesture of appreciation.

Not even pausing when I feel Daddy’s hands stroking me, over my thighs and across my now bare bottom. I can’t see him and although I want to turn, catch his eye and confirm how well I’m doing, I keep focussed on my task instead.

A task I enjoy, evidenced by my building tempo: demonstrated by how enthused I’ve become at pleasuring Lien who is now rocking his hips in time with my movements, pushing himself into my eager mouth. He trails a hand over my hair, letting it continue down, stroking my bare shoulders.

His words of encouragement spur me on, filthy expletives in celebration of how well I’m satisfying him.  Moving my head up and down in large motions, being a good little wanton filthywhore.

The stimulation of two sets of hands on my skin is electric and it takes all my concentration to maintain a steady rhythm. Never more than when Daddy slides moistened fingers inside of me, expertly parting my lips to fill me up.  He strokes in a rhythm that matches mine, gentle thrusts in as I slide my mouth down the shaft, out as I move back up, the three of us moving a unit.

I am overwhelmed when Daddy pushes his little finger into my tight arsehole. Using the rock approved devil horns hand motion to simultaneously penetrate both my holes. I lose my focus, unable to keep my sucking rhythm, I use my hand to keep pleasuring Lien as I pant and moan in response.

My apologetic begging eyes grant me a short reprise from using my mouth. Lien uses the opportunity to watch me instead, to drink in the contortions of my face as I’m pleasured. My hand still working up and down on his cock, lubricated by my saliva.

It’s a bittersweet relief when Daddy takes his fingers out of me. Bereft of stimulation my hips automatically buck, desperate for more, yet equally I seize the opportunity to regain my composure and once again suck Lien’s hard cock.

I hear the sound of a wrapper opening behind me and glance upwards. A shared look between them indicates an agreement. I know what’s coming and I wiggle my bum in anticipation; unable to keep the smile from my lips. Lien sees it in my eyes as his focus comes back to me, pushing a hand into my hair to hold me in place.

Daddy enters me, sliding into me wet and ready. He tells me to keep concentrating. Gripping onto my hips, this time he leads the rhythm, the pace keeper for my oral gratification of Uncle Lien who’s providing a constant commentary. An unrelenting stream of filth, saying what he sees and urging on my deviant behaviour.

Suck me harder…” he orders, “better than that. Don’t get distracted, no matter how hard he’s fucking you. Don’t you stop; don’t you dare get distracted

I’m trying my absolute best and when I really focus, even with Daddy’s pounding obliterating my senses, I am able to repeatedly take Lien deep into my throat, relishing the satisfaction of his cock pulsing in response.

Pulled back up and allowed to breathe Lien points out how ruined I am becoming “Look at you drooling, slopping saliva all over my cock” My make-up is smeared, eyes streaming. With my mouth free to moan I am a symphony of noises; a moaning, panting, growling hot mess of a girl.

Daddy feels so good inside me, angling me and thrusting his hips so I take it deep.
Daddy doesn’t stop as Lien takes my face in his hand.
Daddy doesn’t stop as Lien begins to slap me, a few gentle taps, back hands to see my response.
Daddy doesn’t stop when my encouraging response prompts more, harder, intense hits.
Daddy doesn’t stop when Lien punches my face hard, repeatedly, smashing his fist into my cheekbone.

Does she like that?” Lien asks “Does she tense around you?” listening and waiting for Daddy to confirm what we all already know. Of course she likes it. I love it.

My cunt clenches around Daddy’s cock as the impact from the punches splinters across my face in arousing agony.

Lien surprises me with harder and harder strikes, firmly connecting his fist on the left hand side of my face. I know I’ll be left with a bruise, the sort that people look twice at, “is that dirt…? Is she a filthy girl…?” but in this moment I’m on a masochistic high fuelled by his brutality.  Coupled with the relentless pounding from Daddy I am a writhing ruined girl, pleasured and pained in an overwhelming cocktail of sensations.

Spoiled, greedy, lapping it up and taking it all, until I can take no more. I crumple to the floor, unable to stand. My clothes are beyond dishevelled, make-up running in smeary lines across my face. Panting gratitude of my own, their ruined plaything crawls her way to the bathroom to clean off the film of filth, sweat and tears. My thanks unquestionably delivered like a good girl.

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