Bestest Big Sister

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be participating in age play I would never have believed you, then role play unexpectedly developed with ‘Uncle’ and the more wrong it was, the hotter it became.

The descriptor ‘wrong-hot’ was developed for those things so perverse, fucked up or taboo that the associated shock value, with an under-current of squirmy-shame, compels me to explore it more.

Little Star is an outlet for the ‘little’ persona inside me, the one that genuinely enjoys playing on the swings, skipping, blowing bubbles and crayons – AND also enjoys the wrong-hotness of sexually charged age play. She’s another facet of my kink. Little Star is a character I embody for risk-aware, fully consensual kinky play with pre-negotiated boundaries and expectations with other adults.

Trigger warning – incest and abuse. Depiction is never endorsement of real life activities.

The Best Big Sister

I wasn’t expecting another baby sister! I’m such a lucky girl. I have another best sister-friend to build forts and have tea parties and to do colouring, to share my bath time and story time. She’ll let me brush and plait her hair because I know how to because I’m bigger, and then Daddy will tuck us in. His Princess and his Little Star.

Daddy says we’re his precious little girls and he’ll look after us, buy us sweeties when we’re good and punish us when we’re bad because bad girls must learn. If you are a bad girl then everybody will think you are horrid and then the princes won’t like you. He’s a clever Daddy and knows we need it for our own good.

Even though the lady at school said no one else should touch our underwear place it’s OK when Daddy does because he loves us. Uncle Lien is allowed to too because he’s my special friend and he’s Daddy’s friend too and if Daddy says it OK then it’s Ok. I do like it, sometimes I like it. It makes my private parts all squirmy and sometimes I breathe all panty like a hot doggy until it feels super nice like a ‘splosion!

Sometimes I do cry though. I cry when he has to hurt me but that’s OK. Daddy kisses my tears away and he’s going to teach me to be better. He’s going to show me how not to cry or fuss when we have to be hurted.

Daddy said he’ll teach us both how to be brave and be big girls. Then we’ll be his bestest girls, brave like our biggest sister – because I have one of those too now, I do. What a lucky Little Star I am. If we learn to be brave then we all get kisses and cuddles. We could even hold hands whilst we’re learning because that it helps to be brave.

That’s what I did with Lola. See because I do already have lots of practice at being a big sister and I’m the bestest to Lola. I love her, she’s so pretty and she makes nice noises when people touch her underwear parts.

She has a different Daddy to my Daddy and they both like it when we play nicely together. Lola’s Daddy has a beard and it’s all scratchy when he kisses my face and my special place. It’s ok to kiss in the special place when you’re friends because it means you like each other.

Lola’s Daddy said we are so the same that we did an experiment. A good one, like at school when the teacher does science. Everyone said “for science!” and then we laid down like good girls and held hands because it’s easier to be brave with your sister holding your hand.

Then Lola’s Daddy did a test with his hands to see if we both felt nice and we do. We feel the same when he puts his fingers inside us because we’re sisters. But of course we do! We like the same things and everything. That’s why.

Lola didn’t make a big mess like I did though. I made it all soggy but I didn’t mean to and I said sorry so it was OK and her Daddy didn’t mind, he didn’t even mind when I squeaked a lot when he put his knee in my special place. It’s all purple now which means I was a brave girl. It’s like getting a sticker.

Princess saw me and Lola playing like nice girls and she said she’d like that too, because we’re sisters too and that’s what sisters do. So I’m going to show her how nicely we can play, I hope she makes happy noises like Lola makes. Daddy’s going to be there too, Daddy’s going to make sure we do it properly. He’s a good Daddy, the cleverest Daddy.

I will tell you all about it when we do play, we’ll have lots of fun Princess and me, she’s a really good little sister to have, even though sometimes she sticks her tongue out at me and I have to tell-tale on her because Daddy says we have to be nice to each other and I’m nice to her and it’s not fair if she’s not nice to me, just because she’s littler. We’ll play like the big girls do and then we’ll make Daddy proud and that will make me smile this big, which is the biggest, really big, it is. I like it when Daddy smiles, it means I did good.

I like being Daddy’s good girl and I like having sisters too.

Big Sister
Little Star, aged 8 and a half

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