A lesson in self-control – guest blog

A delicious offering from my friend and confidant, the Firefly Minx. Thank you. Happy to share here as a guest blog. I’m certain my readers will enjoy it as much as I do.

B’s fingers trail across my hip gently, his lips grazing across the sensitive area of my neck which makes me shiver, that simple touch causing the heat between my legs to increase.   “Now, last night you came over and over again….but, you didn’t. ask. permission.” With that, his hand makes contact with my behind, making me yelp and jolt suddenly from my entranced state. “So, tonight we’re going to work on that, understand? Say “Yes sir.””

Yes sir…

Good girl. First, we’re going to prepare you.” His hands find my hips, turning me sharply to face the wall, grabbing my wrists to place my hands above my head, using a foot to kick my legs apart. The coldness of the wall against my bare breasts almost makes me gasp out loud, but I hardly have time to think about it before his hands close around the waistband of my leggings, pulling them and my black lace panties down, and I step out of them obediently. He steps away for a moment, and I hear the sound of a bottle being opened, and the sweet scent of massage oil fills the air.

His hands caress my shoulders and back almost tenderly as he rubs the oil into my skin before turning me to face him, his dark eyes never leaving mine as he massages my breasts, squeezing my nipples slightly and smirking at my reaction. His hands trail down to my stomach, then my thighs, coming back up slowly to between my legs, making me gasp. His smirk widens as my body reacts.

Wet already I see...”

I blush slightly. I can’t help it, his touch, hell, just his voice alone can make me weak at the knees and trembling, as well he knows.

Next,he picks up the ten metres of soft black rope,already knotted and prepared, and loops it round my neck loosely, letting it drop down so it lies between my breasts, then turns me away from him to bring it up between my legs, one of the knots resting against my clit.

He pulls the rope up my back and passes it through the loop round my neck, then back down and around to my front. He turns me back to face him without saying a word, crossing and looping the rope until, looking down, I can see he’s made a pattern with it, like a fishing net.

Hannah for blog


After a couple more minutes of working, he takes my hand, leading me to the end of the bed where an array of cushions are arranged on the floor. He sits me down on them, arranging my legs so my knees are tucked towards each other and my feet are pointing outwards to the side,almost touching the feet of the bed.

Picking up a long red chiffon scarf, he ties one of my legs to the end of the bed by the ankle, doing the same to the other using a length of black satin, then turns to the dressing table. I hear the chink of metal, and when he turns back round he has two pairs of handcuffs in his hands, which he uses to chain my wrists to the metal poles of the bedframe.

Taking a step back, he simply looks at me for a moment, admiring his work before leaning  to stroke my face gently before gripping my chin firmly and forcing me to look at myself in the mirror he’d placed in front of the bed earlier that evening.

Look at you, so beautiful, like an angel tied to an altar…..and completely at my mercy...” he says softly, a hand moving to stroke at the section of rope across one of my breasts resting against my nipple before pulling it,causing it to tighten against the sensitive skin and making me gasp in pleasure.He does the same to the section of rope that lies across my other breast in the same way, making me writhe and strain against my bonds.

Chuckling to himself, he kneels in front of me, gripping the back of my neck as he kisses my lips hard, then my neck, before whispering in my ear, “Tonight, I’m going to bring you to the point of orgasm, but right before, you must hold back. You will not come until I tell you to come, do you understand?” Not trusting myself to speak, I nod, and he pulls back with a “Good girl”,standing again to reach behind him and brings out the leather flogger. Brushing it across my breasts, he teases me with it gently, knowing how much I love how it feels against my skin, before bringing it back and forwards quickly to strike me with it, the sharp “crack” sound filling the air as it makes contact with my skin, making me yelp loudly.

He carries on doing this for a few minutes more until my skin is pink and tingling and I’m breathless and trembling, the section of rope between my legs soaked.

Don’t think I’m done with you yet..” B lets the flogger drop to the floor as he picks something  up that I can’t see, and kneels in front of me again. Reaching down between my legs, he slides his fingers between the rope and my now soaking pussy, he rubs me gently, causing me to moan and grind my hips against his hand, savouring the sweet pleasure only he can bring.

Tsk tsk, naughty little thing, so wet...”his fingers leave me, only to be replaced with something cold that suddenly starts to vibrate with a discrete buzzing that sends shockwaves of pleasure through me and has me writhing and whimpering anew.

He teases it back and forth between my legs, thoroughly enjoying the effect his actions are having on me, then with a wicked smile, tucks it between the rope and my sensitive spot, leaving his hands free to caress and squeeze my breasts. He picks up a second vibrator which he tucks into the rope beside the first, kneeling down and pressing his hips against mine, rocking them gently and forcing another moan from my lips. The feeling is so intense it almost pushes me right over the edge and my breathing becomes ragged as the pleasure mounts, sending me up, up…..

Awwww dear, are you close? Maybe we need to back off a little….” his voice taunts and he deftly removes both vibrators, leaving me right on the very edge, whimpering and shaking, it’s all I can do not to cry in desperation, in need.

There now, that’s better..” he says, smirking at my reaction, “Oh dear, is that not what you wanted?” One hand reaches behind me to grip the back of my neck as he kisses my forehead, “Well, be a good girl and you’ll be rewarded. Do you want to please me?” I nod desperately, breathing still ragged as I choke out “Yes sir”. “Well then, prove it…

He stands, removing his boxers and pressing his erection close to my face, and I move at once to take it in my mouth, moving just the way he likes, slowly taking him inch by inch, little by little as he groans, his fingers tangling in my hair “Oh, good girl….good girl…

I take as much of him as I possibly can, my tounge teasing the sensitive skin of his shaft as he rocks his hips,using me for his pleasure, his slave, his toy, to do with as he pleases.

Tucking one of the vibrators back against my clit, he switches it back on again, the vibrations making me  jolt in surprise as I loose my rhythm. “Focus girl, don’t get distracted…” he growls, as he places a warning hand where the flogger lies beside him, and I quickly find my rhythm again until he pulls away and kneels in front of me again, pressing his hips to mine once more to tease me back to the edge.

My breath quickens and his voice cuts through me like a knife, “Hold it!”. Oh god, just that tone of voice alone brings me ever closer, but I fight to remain in control, to do as he commands, to hold back from what every inch of my trembling body craves.

He continues this for….I don’t know how long, loosing all track of time as he presses his hips to me, rocking slowly, tauntingly, “Good girl…you can do it…hold it..hold it....”

Pulling away suddenly, he picks up the second vibrator again, tucking it back next to its twin, causing me to become a quivering state, my breathing uneven as I plead raggedly, “Please….please…I beg you sir…

Cum for me!” The order sends a direct line to my cunt and tips me right over the edge, pleasure coursing through me as I let myself lose control. I can’t stop it, don’t want it to stop, I give myself over entirely as he holds me, stroking my hair and murmuring “Good girl, there’s my good girl…

As the shaking and shockwaves subside, he unties and unclips me from the bedframe, helping me lie  down on the pillows and holds me tight, whispering just one word in my ear,


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