I see them through the window. She is bouncy and excitable, delighting at my ruining.

I assume he knows, he chose this room as he led me by the hand, finding us a private space to tie me up and hold me down. The large room has an expanse of mattresses, clean lines and mirrors that line the ceiling, allowing those in the corridors outside to watch our activities.

I assume it was deliberate., playing to my exhibitionist desires to bring me into a room where I can be watched as he pushes me backwards and pins me down, a rope over my throat, his hands holding down my wrists and knee firmly pushed against my cunt.

I assume he’s aware of their presence outside, her face a mixture of pride, lust and compersion as he runs his hands all over me, manhandling with rough kisses interspersed. Tying my leg into position and levering it open.

Look at you with your legs spread open wide when anyone could walk in.”

I assume he’s displaying me as he pulls my hands together and secures me at the wrists, red rope binding securely. He puts my hands above my head and tells me to keep them there. Pulling my nipples free from my blue babydoll, twisting them to make me squeal. Roughly pulling my kickers to one side then sitting back and admiring the view.

I assume he’s making a show of me, forcing his fingers inside and repeatedly ramming them in and out of my wetness, increasing the number and increasing the pressure until I’m full and desperate to cum, all the time talking to me, telling me what a good little fucktoy I am, how filthy I am, encouraging my noises.


Momentarily slowing, I catch my breath long enough to pant at him “You said you’d be nice

No sweetheart, I said no pain. I said I’d be rough with you and take what I want but I wouldn’t hurt you, remember?” He’s right, I wasn’t in the right headspace for pain but without a little throw down he’d never achieve the panting primal puppy he sees in front of him now, whimpering and begging to cum.

Before he starts up again I blow a kiss to my Miss Kitty at the window, hearing her giggle loud above the music, quickly drowned out by my own moaning as I feel myself racing towards orgasm, his fingers back inside me. He frees my hands, skilfully releasing the ropes, so I can sit up and hold him, my finger nails and teeth digging into his flesh.

Finally allowed to cum, I make a waterfall all over the bed. A messy gush proportional to the amount of time he’s been teasing me and holding it off. Expertly keeping me on edge and knowing how and when to give me release.

I want to lie back down and recover. I want to calm my beating heart and panting breath. I want to not think about how I was just watched writhing and contorting and instead lose myself in his eyes and his kisses as if we were alone, really alone, just for a minute.

My exhibitionist desires are extinguished by the sheer amount of liquid surrounding me. I’m overwhelmed by the amount; did they really just see that? I’m such a messy puppy. I hide behind him, blocking my view of the window and hopefully their view of me.

But instead of recovery, he makes me lick it up. Calmly ordering me to clear up the mess I’ve just made.

I can’t, I won’t do that whilst I’m being watched. I shake my head, “No….”I refuse, I object. The shame burns on my cheeks.

Do it or I’ll force your nose in it

I don’t look up to the window again, I don’t want to know if they’re still there. If I don’t look I can pretend there are no witnesses to the humiliation of my tongue lapping up my juices from the wipe clean surface.

I do as much as I can bear, as much as I can take without knowing whether they are there, watching me face down, my arse in the air, knickers still pushed over, exposed.

No pup, you missed a bit” pushing me back down to lick up more. I’m desperate for it to be over but he keeps pushing me down every time I come up, pointing to a new little puddle I’d missed. I don’t dare glance towards the window to see if they’re still there….if I’m still being watched.

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