Puppy’s Game – Guest Blog

So…little puppy…you want to play a game…?

Intrigued, I text back with confirmation “Yes, yes I do!”

The wonderful Domme behind Office Visit was pulling me in with her words again, her delicious words…distracting me at work again…texts coming thick and fast…prompting audible, obvious reactions from me….words enough to move me to publish them here….

Come and kneel at my feet. I’m going to place this collar around your throat, while it is on you are Mine. While it is on, it’s Me you please.

While it is on I own your cunt. It’s a special collar to guarantee obedient pups.

It had the ability to deliver a powerful shock as and when I see fit. You will do something wrong…it will shock you…it will hurt…and you will learn…fast.

Does puppy want to play?


Yes Miss

Yes Miss

Good. Are you ready? Don’t make me repeat myself First you are going to learn how I like to kiss…kissing is very important…it’s your first opportunity to impress Me.

You have got two minutes, think carefully before your lips touch Mine… I will not tell you what I expect…if you do something that displeases me I will shock you…

You will learn fast If I shock you three times you will be caged and left to consider your failure.

If you prove yourself worthy I will reward you with a treat.

If you impress me we’ll play game two…

Game two
At the beginning of each game you will kneel at My feet waiting.

You have five minutes to bring Me to climax, you will use only your filthy tongue and hands. If you do something that displeases me I will shock you… if I have to shock you three times…I will slap you hard across the face…you’ll be wearing the slap burn like blusher…everyone will see your shame.

If after the slap you still fail me and the five minutes is up, you’ll be hooded, tied, gagged and caged. You need to think about your failure and learn from your mistakes.
If you please me, I shall reward you with strokes, affection and one choking orgasm.

Yes Miss

I will use you for My pleasure and amusement. I’m NOT here to please you. If you are a good girl and work hard enough to make Me proud, I will beat you, rape you and leave your body aching for more….


Thank you, once again beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see you recreate this with your girl…A show for me….a real life show (s)inspired by me. Loving you puppy lots xx

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