What I really want to talk about today is cunt kicking. Sometimes the moment just feels right for something different. Like how you can tell when someone needs a hug… but in this particular moment she needed a good cunt kicking.

I know what’ll be a great idea!” I told her as I took her by the hand. Her eyes were lit up and excited, like a puppy about to go on an adventure. She was also puzzled; she didn’t know exactly what was coming as I lay her on the wooden floor.

She looked so well presented, stretched out with her arms above her head and her naked legs held wide open. So good and obliging as well, doing as she was told.

As you may know already about Babefiend, she likes being dirty, she likes fucking and humping and rubbing things and being told to do it better and do it harder. I started with the roof of my bare foot against her crotch. I wanted to see her rub it, to fuck the air, to lift her crotch off the ground and grind up and down. I also didn’t want to scare the poor girl too quickly, so making her grind filthily whilst exposed in her outstretched position on the floor seemed a safe place to start; perhaps a more familiar zone for her.

I enjoyed her eager movements, her loud breaths and growls. Her wetness on my foot and on the floor gave me the clear feedback I needed. It was right time to change the pace a little.

Kicker 3

Gently at first, I started kicking the top of my foot against her cunt. Just some light taps, a gentle cunt-spanking using my foot, that’s all. What’s the worst that could happen? Babefiend lay still and impressively kept her legs held wide open, her gaze fixed on mine with a focussed and indignant expression, teeth clenched together and head lifted a little of the ground. She was going to take all of this and she was going to lap it up.

The taps of my foot got harder against her but stayed in a fast rhythm, quickly pulling away each time. She occasionally flinched but stayed still and focussed, her gaze still fixed.

And then came her first true kick. Thud. This stroke was solid, I followed through and kept my foot pressed hard against the flesh of her cunt as she processed what had just happened. Her body twisted to the side a little, primal moans echoed across the room. But like a good girl she kept her legs wide open and her arms above her head, albeit with a little encouragement.

I enjoyed the moments that passed as I too processed what was happening. In part this was so enjoyable because it was so fucked up. And she knew that… perhaps that was one of the reasons why she wanted more?

I stabilised myself by pressing a hand against the low ceiling. I lined up my foot to hit her cunt squarely and centrally. Thud. As I made contact again and kept my foot pressed against her, I enjoyed seeing her contorted facial expressions, hearing her guttural grunts, imagining her thoughts processing about how fucked up the situation was and why this was happening to her, and the struggle to keep her legs open against her better instincts.

There was more foot humping, more rubbing. I wanted to mix things up, I wanted her to work and move herself, I wanted moments of soft and moments of hard… And just for the hell of it I also wanted a wet slapping scrunching noise when I next kicked her hard.

I pulled a few fakey kicks which never quite made contact. It was as entertaining to see her anticipation of kicks which didn’t materialise, to see her momentarily clench back her breath and tense up to receive her impact, only for all the expectation to be released to nothing. Sometimes it was fun just to lift my foot and keep it raised above her cunt, savouring the drawn out anticipation as she knew I was eventually going to drive my foot hard into her again, but with no warning. She hesitated at times but was very good to make herself keep her legs open.

Thud. Thud. Those ones must have hurt. I was aiming for her softer fuller cunt flesh, best able to take the blows. It felt satisfying having her cunt lips compacted by my foot, having her wet filth spatter sideways with each stroke. She was really taking this cunt kicking and she was taking it hard.

I was doing all of this because at some level she would enjoy it. Perhaps she was enjoying it because it was simply so fucked up and wrong and brutal. Perhaps it was because I was in turn lapping up her reactions so hungrily. Maybe she likes it when someone makes her do something she doesn’t want to do. At any rate it felt right to go on because she was enjoying herself and this is important to me because I’m a wonderful fucked up person and I fucking care.

Thud. My foot connected again. I closed the door to the room as the loud moans echoed around the building, her head tilted back as she became even more of her inner animalistic self with every stroke.

She only told me afterwards that cunt kicking had been a limit of hers. I had no desire to push her limits for its own sake. It just felt like she needed a good cunt kicking in that moment, and she did.


My heartfelt thanks to Lien for spoiling me….

…with his writing, sharing the experience from his point of view. I was blown away to receive his, beyond flattered, reminding me what a wonderful gift my writing is.

….for the experience; for pushing me, encouraging me and showing me the benefits of a good cunt kicking.

…by being so thoughtful, learning me, reading me and pushing my buttons.

and for being a wonderful fucked up person, who really does fucking care.

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