“How do you feel about being kicked in the cunt?”

I stop moving on top of him momentarily and try to process what he just asked.

My brain whirls as he goes on to describe how he’d like to do it, keeping direct eye contact, like he’d asked a perfectly normal question. I’m so taken aback I can barely stammer a response. It’s about the last thing I expected to come out of this mouth; he seemed like such a nice boy….

He’d seemed so gentle before we were alone…then he helped himself to me with welcomed roughness, pleasantly surprising me by reading my responses so well and pushing my filth buttons. That surprise, coupled with this extreme suggestion, was all the hotter for being unexpected.

I wouldn’t know….I’ve never done it” I confess to a dubious response. I considered kicking a hard limit but he doesn’t know that and the very idea is turning me on. As ever, my traitorous vagina is giving me away and it’s written all over my face and undoubtedly clenching around his cock.

Come with me…” he takes me by the wrist and leads me to the floor. “Down, head by the door….” With complete trust I follow, I do as I’m told. I lay down and look up at him. I’m still not certain what exactly he’s going to do, did I agree to a cunt kicking?

I’m certain I should object but now I’m intrigued. Will I like it? Can I handle it?

He confirms his intentions. Yes, this is really happening. Fuck.

He kicks my legs apart and I fight to hold them in place, to stay spread and exposed even though I now know what’s coming….

His instructions come with a slightly deviant smile and complete confidence.
Hands above your head…keep them there” I stretch my hands above me. My face is completely exposed, nowhere to hide. Do I look scared? Does he like that?

Kicking - Blog

Steadying himself by putting his hands on the ceiling he pulls back, the anticipation making me wince.

He chuckles at my response; he hasn’t even touched me yet.

I rock against the pressure of his foot up against my cunt as he marks a spot to aim for. Beginning with gentle taps I’m surprised, yes, it hurts but it hurts good and oh god, fuck, am I really laying here on the floor letting him do this to me with his foot? And this is just the beginning…..why am I getting off on this?

Each impact makes me growl and squirm and reel. I lose count, lose composure, and lose myself as I cum messily all over his foot, making the following connections slap with the sound of wetness.

He mixes up the blows, changing pressure and placement, occasionally faking a kick just to watch me respond to the anticipation with a smirk. He’s enjoying himself.

I start to push my legs together, to make it stop. I hate it, I want it, I want it to stop, I want more. He kicks them apart again and tells me firmly “Keep them apart. You can follow orders can’t you?…spread your legs

I’ve lost words, descending into puppy growls and animalistic responses. He forces me to focus, to bring words back with the simple request, “Say thank you”.
And somehow, I do, panting, I thank him, repeatedly as he leaves his foot in place for me to grind against.

You’re going to take three more for me” Fuck. Can I do three more? It’s starting to feel sore, yet the more it hurts the more satisfyingly awful each kick becomes. Pleasure-pain in equal measure.

I calm myself and take a deep breath, moving my hands further up and my legs further apart. Bring it. I can take it. The first connects right in the corner where it meets my thigh and hurts, really hurts, my response is a loud barking but I don’t move, I stay in place for the final two, connecting square on my sopping cunt and bringing relief. I did it, sore and satisfied.

He’s clearly revelled in the act, looking extremely smug as he helps me up, asking “There…that wasn’t so bad was it?…” turns out…no, I actually rather liked it. Grateful for a new perversion shared, astounded by the unexpected turn of events…and rather sore, for days to come, his souvenir, my reminder. I like being kicked in the cunt.

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