Office Visit – Guest Blog

Imagine him strolling casually through your office.

Without saying a word he wraps rope around your neck, arms behind your back, expertly immobilising you in seconds. Face pushed down against the desk, body reacting fiercely…his voice startles you.

Office Blog

Now, repeat after me…I’m a dirty filthy puppy

You repeat without hesitation, quiet words in a whispered breath…you already know this won’t be acceptable, the heat in your pretty bowed panties anticipating his angered response.

Did I tell you to fucking whisper?” He booms, a firm hand gripping your throat as if it were a feeble twig he could break with a twitch of his finger.

You are surrounded by open mouthed onlookers, their eyes showing the battle happening behind them. Do they help? Are you in danger? What the fuck is happening!? All glued to the spot…watching…accepting the scene.

Why don’t you try that again…SPEAK!” the commanding voice provides the fix you need, a tone you believe…you bark the words, each one caressing your hot, wet cunt like fingertips…oh…gosh…the humiliation burning your cheeks as the orgasm convulses through you.

He’s right, you are mesmerisingly responsive.

By now he’s proud…and hard…gently rubbing the sodden material between your quivering thighs he bends over you…strokes the hair from your face…

Good girl” he whispers, he’s so close you can feel the excitement hammering through his chest, a smirk appears across your face…he sees it.

In one swift movement you are face down on the floor, his ropes tight, his boot on your back keeping you firmly underfoot “and there you were thinking I’d want to make love…” he spits at you.

Now, fucking crawl!” he lifts his boot, pulls you to your knees, loosens the rope and points to the door…”MOVE!” he blasts.

One paw in front of the other you make your way to the door, their eyes firmly fixed on you…whispers beginning to fill the air…his footsteps behind you…the rope is tugging and biting at your skin…your arms have been graced with barely enough slack…he knows how to make you work for it…

One paw in front of the other…you continue to crawl…..


These words were sent to me in snippets…little clips of a fantasy designed to make me squirm at my desk, getting hot and bothered on what should have been another average day at work….they worked.

Her messages came in rapid succession as she got enthused about the story, each time my phone lighting up with the next portion of the filthy tale. I didn’t dare look, knowing the effect they were having on me.
All the while she was taunting me via twitter, daring me to look, knowing I couldn’t resist…
Tearing me away from my work and into the twisted filth of her mind.

She knows how to push my buttons, how to use just the right words to spark my arousal.
Her aim was to make me cum at my desk. To make me lose myself without even touching me. My orgasm under her control without her even leaving the house. Victory was hers, won with pride.

I adore her, the diabolical genius behind Dreamfiend has done it again. This is why I love her puppy lots, with fierce loyalty, bouncy enthusiasm and endless wags. Thank you. xxxx

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