Little Star

1 - Little Star Little Star is 8. She likes pink, colouring, sweeties, blanket forts, her kitties, playing make-believe and being told she’s a good girl.

She’s a princess, so spoiled and so loved.

She emerged from no where, unpredicted and yet very welcome.

The wrong-hotness of being ‘little’ and yet doing bad big girl things does things to me. Things a little girl shouldn’t know anything about. Yet she can can’t help it, she knows she shouldn’t want to, she shouldn’t kiss her Uncle like that yet…she can’t help herself….

2 - Tea time

Tea time with the kitties, so innocent

3- Genuine glee at colouring

Genuine glee at colouring. Little Star chose a duck, they’re Uncle’s favourite

4 - Colouring

Everything will be OK, as long as you stay in the lines…

5 - Use whatever colours, I just have to lift my dress

Little Star can choose any of the colours. As long as she lifts her dress to let them all see….

6 - I got a lollypop!

Good girls get rewarded with lollypops!

7 - You can't have any!

“My lollypop. Mine.”

9 - Don't tell anyone

Kitties whisper bad things…naughty ideas

11 - Bad girl

Naughty girl….

10 - Shhh

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone….

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3 Responses to Little Star

  1. Molly says:

    I love the 4th one down, there is something so ‘wrongly’ innocent about it and ‘naughty girl’ is also just soooo damn sexy. I have long been of the opinion that is something so very sexy about plain white undies too


    • Babefiend says:

      Thank you so much Molly.
      I like the concept of ‘wrong hot’ a lot, corrupting something innocent. It’s means age play is working for me…and working well…

      As for the plain white knickers, you’re not the only fan, they’re so simple and yet so effective. Anyone would think I did it on purpose 😉 xxxxx

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