Belle’s Escape

TrappedBelle’s a prisoner.

Trapped in the Beast’s castle, she is held against her will.

Forced into a life of servitude, of orders and obedience. She has become an abject plaything for the Beast to use as he pleases.

She is nearly broken from his cruel torments and abuse, she knows she can take no more.

She plans her escape…
she must be free from him.

Escaping the castle

Whilst the Beast sleeps Belle makes a desperate bid for freedom, searching for a way out of the crumbling castle through the woods.

Away from the Beast’s clutches, his vicious claws and teeth, his demands and punishments.

Is it safeWoken from his slumber by the sounds of her escape, the furious Beast hunts down his prey.

Just out of his reach, his claws tear and rip apart her dress as she slips from room to room.

Nearly blinded by tears, she hides, scared.

Waiting it out

Scrabbling in the dirt Belle cowers, listening for the sounds of the lumbering Beast, determined to return his princess to her life as his slave.

Is it safe?…”  she wonders, desperately trying to stay still and quiet…
…. straining for the sounds of the Beast approaching.

Hear him growlCold and filthy from the dirt of the castle grounds Belle waits , knowing her capture will see her subjected to punishments more severe than ever before…willing herself to be quiet and small she prays for release.

The Beast’s growls echo around the castle. His anger vibrates through the walls.

She belonged to him, his to use as he pleased.

He loved her in his own way, why was she running away?

Hadn’t he given her everything?


Finally, with the Beast exhausted from his fruitless efforts to find and capture his princess, Belle takes her freedom.

Ravaged and ruined the princess makes her escape….for now….

Concept, photos and editing by Key, with thanks.

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