Embarrassed by my own ego I remonstrate with my internal monologue

I think this is about me! Nooo, this can’t be about me, I’m so vain…could I be an edgy beauty and utterly adorable? Well…I’m a little bit adorable. Hush, no, she can’t mean me…or does she?”

The cute banter of my internal argument making me chuckle, I brush it off as an over-inflated self- confidence and simply enjoy her words. Delighted and slightly envious at her imagination’s ability to deliver such hot nocturnal storylines, I’m both aroused and intrigued at Mischievous Moi’s account of her hot dream, published for all to see on Fetlife.


From the first moments of meeting this girl I’ve been blown away by her edgy beauty and mischievous eyes. A creature whose spark is so bright it could easily light up a room. She is stunningly gorgeous, ridiculously hot, utterly adorable and of course a total pervert!
It didn’t take me long to find myself intrigued by this woman, a genuine desire to get to know her in my own right, find our natural position within a friendship, get to the gritty heart of the person behind that beautiful smile. What I’ve learnt makes me consider her a true friend, someone I can turn to with anything that’s troubling me, happily returning the gift of support whenever it’s needed, I quite simply love the girl.
So, this dream was a surprise! But it’s far too hot to keep to myself…

We’d been arranging to catch up for a while, unforseen circumstances often scuppering our plans for some much needed girly time, but always managing to keep in contact and search for the next available date.

Finally she’s here! After lunch we collapsed in a heap on the sofa, wrapped cozily in soft fluffy blankets, snuggled up watching movies and chatting the day away. You know the kind of day that makes your soul happy? Simply enjoying another person’s company and cuddles, putting the world to rights and just being. I hugged her tightly, kissed her forehead and wished her sweet dreams, tucking her in and taking myself off to bed with a smile.

Something woke me with a start, panic filling my veins making my heart thump. I sat in the dark straining to hear, was everything OK? I could hear muffled noises coming from the hall, the bathroom perhaps? I went to investigate, finding the bathroom door ajar, the lights on and the noise…muffled moans?!

Pushing the door open the scene floods my brain. She’s straddling the toilet…face pushed against the cold porcelain back…fist jammed in her mouth…the other between her legs…she’s pissing…using her own piss as lube she’s fucking herself….hard…whimpering…moaning…moving in time with herself…so into her antics, her desperate attempt at satisfaction, she doesn’t notice me standing in the wide open doorway…watching her.


I cough loudly…she freezes…eyes startle open…shooting in my direction…realisation spreads it’s way over her face…she slowly removes the fist from her mouth…the shame raging with its red glow. My first reaction is to laugh loudly as she squirms, frozen with embarrassment. Then I notice that the fist in her cunt is still subtly keeping its motion…she’s enjoying this!

My eyes darken, the laughter stops, replaced by a smirk.
In one quick movement I’m behind her…a fist full of her hair…a gasp…her slight throat in the grip of my hand…a guttural moan…tears rise to her eyes…
You want to cum? You can for me!
…instructing her to continue…she does as she’s told…good girl…she convulses…thumping on my arm…tearing at my skin…her body rewards her dirty girl antics.

I tell her I want to fuck her…she deserves it…fucking herself in my bathroom…terrible fiend! Dragging her from the toilet seat…throwing her to the floor…chastising her continuously…
Dirty girl…piss drenched fuck toy
…I stand over her…daring her to try escaping…she doesn’t move…eyes alive…she’s almost daring me to continue…was that a snarl?…Grrrr.
I cover her with me…kissing her hard…ravaging her wet cunt with my hand…my fist…she growls…tearing at my skin again…not fighting me off…but fighting me nonetheless…I sink my teeth into her shoulder…working myself inside her…feeling her flood the floor…I whisper in her ear that I’m proud of her…
Good girl…let me feel you…use you
…screams echo around the bathroom walls…

Eyes open wide awake!

No friendships were harmed in the making of this dream!”


Now it was her turn to be embarrassed, I can almost see her all cute and squirmy as she presses send “Had the hottest dream about you! So random, but hot as hell…go dream you!…now I’m embarrassed…I blame your blog hotness…”

I bounce and squee and thank her profusely, blushing and deafened by the sound of internal high-fiving. “It was about me…told you!”

I adore her, a giggly, lovely bundle of goodness, smiles and squishes. She’s my reliable cheerleader, always there with unconditional support and love. Possessing an incredible ability to just ‘know’ when I need some encouraging words and delivering them on cue. Her unwavering faith in me, her admiration at how I keep fighting the good fight, is sometimes what I need to keep missioning through the fog to the moments of clarity. Her happiness at my happiness is a shared pleasure.

Boasting equal smug-married status, she is commandingly Dommey with her beloved boy. I knew she was capable of the most perverted plots, much to his delight, now it seems her subconscious wants in too. This diabolical deviant scheming ability and a natural talent to write filth too – she is all round amazingness!

Much love to you, sweet sweet girl, I’m delighted that this WAS about me.
Your gift of words is a most flattering gift. I’m delighted to be able to share it as a guest blog. Thank you. Go dream me, go dreamfiend!

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3 Responses to Dreamfiend

  1. M says:

    ❤ beautiful and so dark all at the same time! xx

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