Just a little one….

It’s bedtime; with the sun streaming brightly through the window and the post-club cuddle puddle slowly peeling away to find their own nooks to sleep in it’s time to get some rest. Yet strangely with the three of us left alone I find I have a sudden burst of energy.

“Perhaps I could have one? Just a little orgasm, a small one, to help me sleep.” Laid on the floor at his feet, basking in the sun, I playfully make my request. It really would help me sleep, probably. Or it might generate a need for more, as little orgasms often do. Seemingly he feels it’s worth the risk as I’m treated with an evil grin and affirmation that my wish would be granted. Fantastic.

Still crashed on the floor in my pants I’m comfy on my back with legs bent. The remains of last night’s red and black make up still smeared on my face, glitter seeping from my pores. I close my eyes to soak up the rays pouring through the open window on this glorious June morning.

The unexpected pressure on my cunt is light at first, pushing against the fabric of my French knickers, gently rocking back and forth sparking heat in my clitoris. Momentarily confused I don’t understand, I hadn’t heard or felt him move. How is he touching me; where is he?

I open my eyes and realise I didn’t feel him moving is because he hasn’t. He’s still standing above me, still rocking an evil smile, the perfect to complement to his ‘rapey look’ with smudged black eyeliner and forward Mohawk. The only part of him moving is the part connected with me. His foot, pushing against my cunt with increasing firmness.

I squirm. I’m certain this shouldn’t be this hot. He can’t possibly get me off with his foot, can he?

Locked in eye contact my dilemma is obvious to him. I’m aroused and yet slightly embarrassed at his method, and more aroused still from the embarrassment. My blushes give me away and seemingly serve to encourage as his smirk grows and movements get bolder, using his monkey toes to firmly wedge into the crease of my thigh and circling his heel against the increasingly wet fabric in between my legs.

I moan as the pressure starts to build, fingers clawing into the carpet beneath me.
I pant and arch, rubbing against the resistance “Fuck, that’s good” the pleasure over-riding the little internal voice that’s making me squirmy by reminding “…but he’s using his foot”.

I know she understands as she vocalises my thoughts “Unf. That’s hot!” Pup watches us from the foot of her bed, hands wrapped around the bedstead, biting her lip with appreciation. Swapping between watching me come undone on the floor and watching him relentlessly grinding against me.

Lil' One BlogHe smiles at her with a look that says he knows exactly what he’s doing, enjoying the effect on both of us. The energy between them crackles and feeds my exhibitionism, pushing me over the edge into rather a substantial orgasm actually, as it happens. Far from a little one.

A BOOM! release of pleasure that had been building all night, fuelled by dancing, affection and sexual chemistry.

A BAM! explosion rocking my body forcing me to clamp my hands across my mouth to stifle my cries, very aware that people are trying to sleep!

Just as I should be, now I’ve received my treat like a good puppy. A filthy puppy, humping his foot like I’m on heat. I really had wanted just one, a small orgasm… help me sleep… who knew it could have had such an exhilarating effect as I’m now fully awake and bounding towards the bed.

To be continued…

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