Nowhere to Hide

There’s nowhere to hide my face.

I am naked and shackled. Connected by my ankles to the chair beneath me, tight red leather cuffs hold me firm, legs splayed. The most I can do is squirm and rock my pelvis away, trying to squeeze my thighs together to prevent access. But my resistance is useless; she has run her hand down my bare bottom and is pushing her fingers inside me from behind.

There’s nowhere to hide my face

My hands are bound above me. Connected at the wrists to the thick black chain hanging from the ceiling, my fingers curled around the links. Tight red leather cuffs hold me firm, stretched high, just at the tipping point of being uncomfortable. They fasten tight with no hope of escape. Her fingers swirl inside, hot mouth on my exposed breasts, a wry smile at my dilemma dancing on her lips.

There’s nowhere to hide my face.

My neck is rigid, the barely comfortable red leather collar holding me firm. Keeping my head straight up, unable to turn or twist away despite my best attempts. The restriction on my neck makes my breathing heavier, skin hyper-sensitive, flushed, responsive. I pull against my restraints, feeling panic rise as her fingers bring me closer, bringing waves of pleasure and shame. I don’t want them to see me.

There’s nowhere to hide my face.

Everyone can see me. Everyone can see me squirming, my erect nipples, my contorted face. And the photos, everyone will see the photos, images of me as I lose control.
Everyone can hear me. Everyone can hear my whimpering, my panting, the wet noise of my cunt building to climax, a soppy indication that I’m about to cum. She’s about to make me cum in front of everyone.

There’s nowhere to hide my face.

I can feel their eyes on me, burning like the heat of the harsh photography lights on my moist skin. Squeezing my eyes shut doesn’t help, the room is focussed on me but my focus is gone. I can feel my cunt clenching, responding to her touch, a contraction to my desire for controlled composure. The camera clicks are ignored, instructions I am no longer compelled to obey. I am hers.

There’s nowhere to hide my face.

I’m embarrassed at becoming an exhibition, stripped and showed, under her control. I am drowning in the humiliation of my predicament. The surreal reality of being her toy, manipulated, forced, played, displayed. I am drowning and it turns me on; and she knows it; an intriguing shift of power as I relish her loving abuse.

Nowhere to HideBurning as a beautiful contradiction, she sees my light and delivers the depraved desires struggle to abide, or hide. I wish we were alone, hating the scrutiny yet high on the audience.

I feel her jubilant glee as she makes me come undone, wanting to cum for her yet resisting, wishing I could hide…but there’s nowhere to hide…nowhere to hide my shame… no way to hide the show, the puddles on the chair, my distressed objections and no way, nowhere to hide my face. My divine disgrace.

Photo with thanks to Photos With Attitude

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3 Responses to Nowhere to Hide

  1. mark says:

    All part of a photoshoot with PWA 🙂

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