Life Laundry

Life is sweet; long may I continue to be appreciative.
I have varied and interesting jobs, incredible people who enrich my life and the freedom, time and money to pursue the things I enjoy.
My ducks aren’t just in a row, they are collared and owned.

That’s not to say everything runs swimmingly all of the time. I had a teeny tiny post festival wibble. One that was soon overcome with the power of positive thinking and some serious focus on ‘life laundry’ including a damn good clean and clear-out of the house – when you come home from a festival and decide your house is scummy you know it’s bad!

The most important life-laundry action was prioritisation of our social engagements. Yes I appreciate this is hardly a ‘problem’ to have, I’m a lucky puppy to have so many options and friends who want to see us but looking at my jam-packed-impossible-to-achieve calendar was threatening to either stress or skint me out completely.

All too often I find myself running from one event to the next without really having time to appreciate them or the people we’re with. It’s exhausting and counter-productive and completely eliminates any possibility for spontaneity, like when you unexpectedly find yourself in bed with four hot people but you have somewhere to be…grrr…

So I began cancelling or juggling, finding a way to achieve all the things and see all the people whilst also giving them the time and focus they deserve. Luckily our friends are amazing and with honest heart-felt explanation everything has been cool. Cathartic calendar clear-down has restored my ability to breathe.

‘Life being for living’ is a clique for a reason and despite a calendar clear-down I don’t intend to slow down in my pursuit of pleasure and explorative experiences. I need blog inspiration after all! I have ensured our calendar is full of events that bring us joy rather than being obligations.

Essential to achieving this is surrounding myself with positive energies, genuine friends and lovers who empower us to bring out the best in each other; this may unfortunately see a spring clean of some friends and acquaintances who aren’t on board with my positive outlook. I appreciate the dry British sense of humour and understand we have a natural tendency to love a good whinge and conspiracy theory but when it becomes draining I must decide to make my happiness top priority. Isn’t that what life is all about, being happy? Why be anything else?

I feel so much better for my freshly laundered life, but fear not, I won’t be getting clean anytime soon, I’m simply making room for more filth!
Filth and love and deviance –and the time to appreciate it all.

Life Laundry

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