Showered with Win

“It’s good, it’s social, like grooming in apes” she makes me giggle with her description as we soap each other up. The air is fragranced with lemon and mint shower gels, the deliciously hot water slowly filling the room with steam.

The tiny en-suite is gloriously warm, a real sun trap on this spring morning. I love looking at her, naked, soft and soapy under the shower; enjoying getting ourselves clean after being so very filthy.

I was surprised when she invited me to shower with her, making grabby hands in my direction, all cute and dishevelled. She’d rolled her eyes at being covered in cum “It’s in my hair” she’d mock pouted with uncontrollable wagging of her happy feet. “I need to get clean, are you coming?”

I couldn’t resist. I’d never showered with a girl before and now I’m all giddy and coy. I almost feel voyeuristic as I watch her lather her hair with shampoo then rinse it off, soapy trails running down over her breasts to her stomach, partially obscuring her pretty tattoo.

I’m staggered at beautiful she is, completely natural, wet hair pushed back. She’s smiling easily, glowing with happiness, eyes twinkling and her cute little laugh accentuating how very kissable her lips are.

The memories of seeing her grinding on top of my man this morning are still fresh in my mind. Little flashes coming back in waves through my happily spangled state for which the ‘Love In’ party theme is suitably apt…

…..her hands around his throat; chipped blue nail varnish on her delicate fingers as they circled his neck. Her strength a turn on for him, a turn on for us both.

….how she’d exhaled “Yes, yes, fuck, yes” as she’d touched herself, rolling her hips on top of him.

….feeling her dripping wet from giving him head. Gagging on his cock prompting a slick between her thighs ready to take my fingers.

…I can practically still hear how she whimpered as he turned her over and pinned her down. Fucking with firm hard strokes before pulling out, removing the condom and cumming over us both……

The same filthy girl that revelled in the act was now sweet and clean before me, looking so innocent.

And we are being innocent, despite our friends being convinced the ruckus in the bathroom is from deviant behaviour we really are just getting clean.

Smoothing soapy suds all over each other and joking about checking for cum behind our ears!

Relishing the luxury of a long hot shower with the chance to savour all our favourite things – affection, smiles, friendship, closeness….. and hot naked girls joined in appreciation of a satisfying ravaging beforehand. A shower of win.

Shower 2

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