Curiosity Often Leads To Trouble

I do wonder what can have happened to me! When I used to read fairy-tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one! There ought to be a book written about me, that there ought! And when I grow up, I’ll write one.

I knew the reaction it would have; the cute blue dress with apron and layers of petticoat, together the white knee socks. Cute, innocent and entirely ruinable.

Wearing it I felt girly and pretty, flouncing around to make the petticoats pouf out, revealing my bare bottom underneath. A dirty Disney daydream made reality. He told me “You look like you should be bouncing from toadstool to toadstool” as I skipped up the stairs. Tempting him to follow me…

In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again

Under the pretence of posing for pretty photos, I let him drink me in. Not even pretending to look through the lens, intensely focussing on me as I pose, turning left and right, looking over each shoulder, smiling and lifting my skirt to flash and tease. Flirting with the camera and flirting with him.

Leaning in for a kiss I feel his hand sliding up my thigh, under my skirt, gently stroking me before pulling me in for deeper kisses and tiny little spanks. Holding me tightly he makes little slaps against one cheek, his hand making my skirt jump up and down. I feel little puffs of air against my naked pussy making it tingle. I want more. I want him to spank me hard; it just feels so naughty given how adorable I look.

“It would be terribly wrong if you were to spank me” I suggest with the most innocent of looks.
He whispers in my ear, even though we are alone. Low and threatening, his breath hot against my cheek
“Well I was just thinking I should even you up.”

My knees buckle at his words and I fall forward over his lap. He pushes my petticoats up to give him access. I feel so exposed despite still wearing the dress and socks, having my bare bottom laid out for him.

Alice BlogHis strike lands with a heavy thud that makes me whimper. He leaves his hand in place, heat radiating out from the impact. I brace myself for more but find them lacking, his hand still lying heavy across my cheek, pushing with firm pressure. “Curiouser and curiouser!” I think “Is that it?”

I needn’t have worried as he delivers more blows, starting slow then getting faster and heavier. I pull my feet up behind me off of the floor to form a V, balancing on his lap, my arms down on the bed, face buried into the sheets to muffle my squeals.

The spanks sting and resonate across my behind; I can feel my cheeks reddening. Losing my balance one leg falls between his and I brace myself on the floor; he grips it firmly between his thighs, his non-spanking arm firmly wrapped around my middle to stop me falling. Continuing his torrent of abuse I am whipped up to frenzy of noise and squirming, my crotch grinding against his leg, putting delicious pressure on my clitoris, rocking my hips down on him in between slaps until I feel release. Cumming noisily and messily in his lap.

Pushing up onto my elbows I twist round to face him, almost embarrassed at the puddle I’ve left on suit trousers. Even though I know he’ll be pleased, I can’t hide my shame face.

“Do you want to come up?” he asks me with a smirk
Why is a raven like a writing desk? “ Why that’s a riddle!” One with no right answer, If I say no I stay down and get more spanks, saying yes will see me denied and punished more anyway. I’m caught in the familiar quandary of loving it yet hating it and wanting it to stop yet wanting more.

“Yes, it is a riddle, one with a painful answer” he confirms releasing another flurry of spanks on my increasingly sore behind. Slowing to a teasing pace he gives me time to catch my breath, time enough to focus. I watch his back in the mirror, the rise and fall of his hand; trying to catch me out with timing but finding I brace myself each time. With a snap of his head he catches my eye in the mirror and removes all hope of focussing again with furious firm spanks, one side then the other, over and over until I’m so aroused it only takes the tiniest of thrusts in the right place, his thigh moving up to rub against my pussy before I soak through his already soggy trousers. Orgasm making me tense and topple into a ruined crumple on the floor.

After a fall such as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling downstairs!

Eyes cast to the floor I compose myself, enjoying the comfort of his hand on my neck as he stands over me. Sitting back on my heels I rest my head against his thigh, aware of my throbbing, warm bottom, sensitive where the petticoats lie.

Alice Blog 4I’m allowed a moment to admire him after stripping off his cum soaked clothes; stroking and tracing the line of his abs, the definition of his hips. Stroking and kissing his cock, his inner thighs and posing for the camera directed at me again. Satisfied he’s got the shot I stop the porn star posing and take him deep, opening my throat and moving at a steady pace. His deep grunts showing appreciation that only encourages me more.

His gentle withdrawal stops me before I go too far. Scooping me up he throws me back onto the bed, eyeing my hungrily before burying his face between my thighs. Eat me. He builds me up, fingers, mouth, lips, tongue; building, denying, teasing, building, building, building. I am flushed Reeling and Writhing

Holding his hand aloft he teases me, threatens to bring the slaps against my clit that would push me over the edge. Then denies me. Stepping back with a cheeky smile and a sweeping hand gesture he empowers me to do it myself. Watching me work my hands between my legs and make the gentle flat fingered taps that tip me into explosive climax.

Alice Blog 3

His cock pushes eagerly onto me as we lay back, grinding and kissing. I make a request, pointing to my knee socks with a hopeful face “May I take these off now?” Why did I ask? I can take them off if I want so why do I need his permission? It would be so nice if something made sense for a change
But I know why. I asked because I knew he’d say no. And now I’m frustrated. I want to be naked next to him. The outfit is pretty but here beneath him it feels restrictive and scratchy. I want my skin on his. So now I’m wound up and frustrated and the more frustrated I get the more I’m aroused. Fighting and panting with intense lust.

Rocking back onto his heels he strokes himself expertly. I’m mesmerised, happily voyeuristic. Unable to resist any longer I come up to kiss him. “Who said you could move?” he barks, grabbing me by the neck and working fingers inside. I close my eyes to kiss him only to be jerked backwards and ordered
“Don’t close your eyes.” Fuck. I’m getting close and I really want to shut my eyes and surrender to it but he’s looking at me with such menace I don’t dare. I momentarily forget and flicker my eyelids down. Mistake. Shaking me, his demand is louder this time “Don’t you fucking close your eyes” His growl so laced with threat I instantly obey.
I hear the telltale noise and I know what’s coming, Alice is about to drown, that will teach her. Ordered to keep my eyes open I am hit with the full force of an extended orgasm under his scrutiny, seeing myself reflected in his eyes, feeling the bed soak beneath me, spattering the socks I so desperately wanted to remove.

Finally finished he wipes his fingers across my face leaving a slick behind. “I was good” I panted “I didn’t close my eyes” seeking his approval, wanting his praise. “Yes you were” he confirmed “my good filthy girl” Floating on endorphins I snuggle into him with a giggle, only to be lent backwards returned to our former level of intensity with his fingers in my throat, they taste of me, wet and sweet. I choke and gag against them, firm fingers forcing my mouth open, my already swollen pussy responding to the pressure. Aching, wanting him.

On all fours with my face down into the mattress I wonder how I look; whether my pussy as swollen as it feels, if he can see how much I want him. I squirm when I spot him looking at me in the mirror, studying me, pushing my petticoats aside and stroking my skin. Waiting just that split second too long, until I’m compelled to throw myself backwards, pushing onto him. He responds by pushing me down, fucking me so hard I think I can’t think straight. I can’t control myself, grateful for the restraint of his weight pushing down on me without which I would be flailing.

The strike of his fist against the fleshy part of my thighs is reflected in the mirror. Repeatedly I see him pull his fist back and strike me, pummelling in time with his thrusts, in time with his breathing and just as hard.

My socks are soaked in my own juices. The bed is a mess. I can hear my dress ripping as he pulls against it, using the leverage to fuck me harder. I feel him swell inside and his grunts get deeper, as I twist round to kiss him he cums inside me. Our kisses a interspersed with heavy exhalations, a mash of lips and teeth.

We fall to the side in a panting heap; with him still inside and the pressure of the roll I am undone. My orgasm shoots him out with dramatic force. My whole body tensing, back arched. I whimper “Sorry” and bury my face in his chest only to be reassured, held and stroked as aftershocks ripple through me “Never be sorry, that was hot, my strong girl.” He looks me up and down, Alice is dishevelled, ravaged, ruined and oh so satisfied.

At last the Dodo said, “everybody has won, and all must have prizes.”

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