Distractions, Perversions and Plots

Distracting thoughts of perversion are scuppering any hope of concentrating on work this week. I’m physically at my desk but my head is elsewhere, drawn in by dark and dirty ideas. Flashes of cruel brilliance, filthy fantasies and scandalous schemes.
Horny puppy is horny….and plotting……

I want to be scared. Really scared. I want to believe you’re really going to hurt me. I want to sob and beg at your feet as you threaten and break me. Push me to that point.

I want to be bullied, Ganged up on in a hot lesbian shower scene, all billowing steam and wet bodies, humiliate me, call me names then take me forcefully. Hurt me.

And the after-care. Fuck, I want the after care. I want the cathartic release and then ALL the snuggles and love.

BiteyAnd at the other end of the spectrum I want to bite. Sadistic puppy wants a chew toy.

I want to tear and rip with my teeth and nails and leave marks. I want to hurt you. I want to laugh in your face as you cry. I want you to want it too.

Don’t fight me. Shut the fuck up, stay the fuck down and take it. Tell me you like it and mean it.

But distraction number one, the top distractingly distraction of all…..comes from layered suggestions, stories on blogs, photos on social media, frequent references by friends on Twitter or by text. My interest is piqued. I am intrigued. I want to try.

Golden showers, peeing on someone, having them pee on you – was always one of those things that made me screw up my nose and shake my head “eww…why…?” But as with any hard limit I never say never and invariably something happens to make me reconsider.

My inspiring pup speaks highly of it, the incredible aim of a mutual friend who can direct her stream with such precision to hit pup’s clit in the most delicious way.

Her description came flooding (literally!) back to me as I was positioned beneath my man and my girl, fucking in that super hot “I can’t believe I’m watching this” way. Then she gushed, a deluge of hot wet girl cum all over my aching pussy. I remember the shock of suddenly being wet, taking pleasure in her noises and the flush in her cheeks.

A memory that struck me with exceptional clarity as I was compelled to touch myself during an innocent toilet break at work, sticking my fingers into the steam and rubbing the hot piss on my clit until I came. Unplanned, unconventional work wank born of my filthy mind. New fetish – achievement unlocked.

Somehow I thought writing this all down would help, purge my brain of all it’s filthy suggestions, throw them at the screen and hope they stick but it’s only served to augment my interest. An exaggeration of the imagery as the written word gives them substance, specifics, associated sights, sounds and feelings…anticipation.

I fear I will continue to be distracted until I can realise my desires…is it play time yet……?

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2 Responses to Distractions, Perversions and Plots

  1. Claire says:

    If only your employers knew your filthy preoccupations….I’m sure they’d enable you to be freed from the workplace to dash home and play (p45 in post)!!!! It’s amazing how our limits are pushed and evolve and wonderful that others shared experiences and images they kindly provide us with serve to influence the evolution….I know you have influenced my own…..

    • Babefiend says:

      Thank you Claire. I’m delighted that I have influenced your evolution. What a compliment!
      I’d love to hear more about what you’ve tried, what you liked and what you didn’t. x

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